My Genius Husband

Sum­mer last year, Troy picked up a Canon Rebel XS cam­era with a bro­ken shut­ter cur­tain from a garage sale for rel­a­tive­ly cheap. The per­son who sold it to him said that it wouldn’t cost much to have it repaired. Liar. I asked around in some Canon pho­tog­ra­phy forums and every­one said that buy­ing a new cam­era would cost less than hav­ing it repaired. So the cam­era had to go into the clos­et and stayed there for an indef­i­nite time. Until last night. Troy start­ed fid­dling with it and fixed the cam­era in, like, 10 sec­onds. Such a genius. I don’t know why he didn’t do it ear­li­er, like 6 months ago, but at least he did it.

I’ve been play­ing around with the cam­era since. I’m so used to shoot­ing with bulky, heavy SLR cam­eras that are old­er than myself that the Rebel XS feels as light as a feath­er in my hand. I’m also so used to shoot­ing with all those old cam­eras in man­u­al mode (since that’s the only mode avail­able) that the first time I tried the AF mode, I was so impressed, I could pee my pants. Except I wasn’t wear­ing pants, but you get the point.

And since the said genius hus­band wants me to tell you all about the cam­eras we acquired this past week­end, I guess I just have to, or else. Well, we picked up two cam­eras from the pop­u­lar Olym­pus XA series (XA1 and XA2) and two Prak­ti­ca cam­eras (Prak­ti­ca LTL, which is an SLR cam­era, and Prak­ti­ca nOvex KAF, which is a point-and-shoot cam­era). The Olym­pus XA2 is the most cost­ly of the bunch but we got it for less than what you’d have to pay for one on eBay so it’s all good.
I’d elab­o­rate, but I’m tired, so off to bed I go!

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  1. So, basi­cal­ly, you walk around with no pants on when you test your cam­eras? What ARE you tak­ing pho­tos of!! ;-)
    Please do elab­o­rate, I’m in need of a cam­era upgrade but lack funds.. any hints would be wel­comed.

  2. Gor­don: I guess it all depends on what type of pic­tures you want to take, whether you want to use film or not, and ulti­mate­ly the amount of funds you do have. The best places to start look­ing for old­er cam­eras are flea mar­kets, thrift stores, antique stores and oth­er places like that. I’ll let Fir­da answer more, since she is the pho­tog­ra­ph­er in the fam­i­ly.

  3. Gor­don, I’m not sure if you’re into shoot­ing film because all the cam­eras I men­tioned in this entry are film cam­eras. But if you’re look­ing for a dig­i­tal cam­era, Pana­son­ic Lumix DMC-LZ2 sounds good enough to eat and I think the price is pret­ty rea­son­able. The black one looks espe­cial­ly yum­my.

  4. I was checkin’ my Site Meter and found that some­one came to my site via a Google on “Depres­sion Sucks”. One of the entries, which I decid­ed to click on for kicks, was this one from 2004.
    Just want­ed to stop by and say “I’m glad you’re still alive!”
    Not so much me right now. As you said back then though, I’ll get over it.
    Nice evo­lu­tion of your blog, btw.

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