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Pho­to by Jody Miller

No, this is not going to be a self-con­grat­u­la­to­ry post about how a pho­to of mine got select­ed to be includ­ed in a book by an awe­some group of pho­tog­ra­phers and writ­ers called Uta­ta that I’ve been a mem­ber of for years, nor is this about how some­how it end­ed up being on the cov­er of the book. No. This is going to be a post about how the pho­to came to be. This pho­to:

Polaroids in the Sky

You see, I’m a crea­ture of habit. I like hav­ing annu­al tra­di­tions. One of the annu­al things I like to keep doing is an ear­ly Spring tra­di­tion of going up to Aylmer to see the tun­dra swans fol­lowed by a vis­it to a sleepy lit­tle town by the Lake Erie called Port Bruce and then to Port Stan­ley for a walk on the beach and lunch and final­ly to St. Thomas to do some thrift­ing.

We went a lit­tle late in the tun­dra swan sea­son this year and most of the swans already left for their sum­mer breed­ing ground up north so the tun­dra swan view­ing was pret­ty much a bust. So off we went to our next des­ti­na­tion, Port Bruce, which is a place I have a soft spot for. I prob­a­bly wouldn’t like it in the sum­mer because the beach would prob­a­bly be packed, but in ear­ly spring, that place is pret­ty much desert­ed, qui­et and so unpre­ten­tious. Some time dur­ing our dri­ve, I must have got bored. I took a page out a pro­mo­tion­al notepad Troy had in the car and made a paper crane.

I start­ed shoot­ing a pack of expired film with my big, old Polaroid Land Auto­mat­ic 100 cam­era as soon as we got to Port Bruce. Before long, I had a bunch of pho­tos lay­ing around on the dash­board of the car to dry. Once I got tired of car­ry­ing around a rather heavy Polaroid cam­era while deal­ing with peel apart film with its icky, gooey chem­i­cal, I decid­ed to put down the Polaroid and take out my dig­i­tal cam­era and shoot pic­tures of the murky lake and the cliff and the wind tur­bines in a wind farm in the dis­tant.

Tired and cold from tak­ing pic­tures out­side, I went back into the car and start­ed tak­ing pic­tures of Polaroids dry­ing on the dash­board. Then I thought, hey, I have a paper crane with me! I picked up the crane and arranged it so that it looked like it was car­ry­ing one of the Polaroids. And that, dear read­ers, was how that pic­ture came to be. It may not be an over­ly excit­ing sto­ry, but it’s some­thing for me to recall fond­ly and smile about. It’s a good mem­o­ry.

Check out the online pre­view of the book and see the amaz­ing images from oth­er Uta­ta pho­tog­ra­phers. Uta­ta also has some real­ly tal­ent­ed writ­ers but the text in the pre­view is prob­a­bly too small for you to read com­fort­ably so why not buy a copy? It’s avail­able in hard­cov­er and soft­cov­er edi­tions and if you buy before Novem­ber 18, there’s a 25% dis­count if you use one of these coupon codes:

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I’m wait­ing with gid­dy antic­i­pa­tion for my copy to arrive!

Well, it’s bed­time. Four days of NaBloPo­Mo down, 26 more to go!

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