My Evil Squirrel Face

— from pho­to­junkie

This is how I look when I’m play­ing Wii Sports Box­ing. I look like an evil squir­rel. That’s why I always win! If I could make an evil kan­ga­roo face, I think I would kick ass even more. I would knock oppo­nents out with only one punch on the face. Too bad I don’t know how to make a kan­ga­roo face.

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  1. Those Wiimote cov­ers are all over the place in the States, I believe. A dime a dozen on eBay. In Cana­da, we’ve only seen them at EB Games and only in pink! We have one of those pink ones (with a match­ing cov­er for the nunchuk). The next time Troy goes over to the States, he’s going to have to pick up more of those in dif­fer­ent colours (we have four pairs of wiimote/nunchuks). The Wiimote pic­tured above is not ours.

  2. I haven’t turned on my Wii in over a month… sad­ly, life keeps get­ting in the way! But I will get you there even­tu­al­ly! :-)

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