My Dream Backyard

I know it hasn’t been a month since my last blog post and no one has told me to update yet BUT I just found my dream back­yard (!!!) and it looks like this. WANT! Of course, there’d be com­pro­mis­es to be made. I’m sure Troy would want to keep the grass in the back­yard because he loves mow­ing the lawn so much (ha!) so maybe we can have half of the back­yard (the left-hand side, please) look like my dream back­yard and the oth­er half look like every­one else’s back­yard. Maybe?

I know it’s going to take a lot of work, time and mon­ey but just like the house, the back­yard could always be a work in progress. I’m think­ing of wait­ing until this Fall to start work­ing on it, just because gar­den­ing in the Fall sounds less bor­ing than gar­den­ing in the Sum­mer. I also read than Fall is a good time for plant­i­ng shrubs and trees. I love shrubs and trees. I already know what trees I want but I haven’t decid­ed on the shrub­bery yet. For trees, I would like: a callery pear, a red­bud, a Japan­ese maple, and a blue spruce. We prob­a­bly only have enough space for two trees at most but eh, it’s always nice to dream.

Any­way, I’m hun­gry. Sup­per is Quiche Lor­raine and it is cook­ing in the oven. I just hope that it’s not going to end up being an epic fail­ure like yesterday’s Lin­guine Chick­en Alfre­do. (Update: The Quiche Lor­raine din­ner was awe­some!)

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  1. I nev­er care for out­door, but that gar­den of your dream is real­ly look­ing fine and (looks like) it’s low main­te­nance.

  2. lol checked out the link. its cute, but not m dream back­yard. my dream one would resem­ble some­thing out of a romance nov­el or movie lol
    & u have a love­ly site.

  3. I have to admit that I haven’t been here for a long time. I think I will just sub­scribe to your feed then :)
    any­way, I have to google for Quiche Lor­raine. looks deli­cious!

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