My Breakfast

My Breakfast I

I’m cur­rent­ly obsessed with repli­cat­ing the look of film pho­tog­ra­phy on dig­i­tal shots. I did a study of my break­fast this morn­ing with that par­tic­u­lar post-pro­cess­ing idea in mind. I think it looks pret­ty good, if I say so myself. This shall be an ongo­ing project, i.e., shoot­ing my break­fast. If I were a break­fast per­son, I’d prob­a­bly do this pho­to shoot dai­ly. Since I’m not, I guess I’ll add more pic­tures to the project when­ev­er. A few more shots from the project are behind the cut if you’re inter­est­ed.

My Breakfast II
My Breakfast III
My Breakfast IV

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  1. Hi, Fir­da!
    There are sev­er­al bits of soft­ware for imi­tat­ing film. The fan­ci­est is this one: That’s a bit pricey.
    There’s also this one:
    That’s not pricey and you can down­load a tri­al ver­sion.
    I love the look of film, but it takes more time and some mon­ey to devel­op the film. The shop that devel­oped film for me just went out of busi­ness. I’ll have to find anoth­er one. It’s sad because almost no one uses film any­more except pho­tog­ra­phers who want to use film.
    Any­way, have fun.

  2. I did use Alien Skin Expo­sure plu­g­in on these. I’ve used it for years. Mine is not real­ly the lat­est ver­sion but it does the job. It’s a bit of a hit-or-miss, though. It works well on some pho­tos, not so much on oth­ers. But I think it did a great job on my break­fast series. Sor­ry to hear about your local pho­to lab going out of busi­ness. Here’s hop­ing that ours will stick around a bit longer!

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