My Bakkagerði Dream Home

This is my dream home by the Nor­we­gian sea in Bakk­agerði.

Bakk­agerði is a ham­let in Bor­gar­fjörður Eystri, in the East Fjords region of Ice­land. In the sum­mer time, it’s a hiker’s dream. There are a lot of trails to hike, though they were all still closed for the sea­son when we were there in May. 

Win­ters are like­ly harsh around here, but I think I’d be fine spend­ing those months just star­ing out the win­dow, watch­ing the waves roll by from the warmth and com­fort of the house.

To get to Bakk­agerði, you have to dri­ve through a moun­tain pass that I think would be closed for traf­fic for most of the win­ter months due to the weath­er, iso­lat­ing this ham­let from the out­side world. And then you have to dri­ve through a grav­el road along the ocean and up a cliff where, accord­ing to a local folk­lore, a mon­ster used to attack trav­ellers who passed through after dark.

This cross was erect­ed to com­mem­o­rate the day they killed the mon­ster.

P1170059 (Medium)

But the end of the jour­ney is total­ly worth all the has­sles. I’m so in love with the idea of liv­ing in this house.

P1160995 (Medium)

The ocean will be my front yard.

P1160998 (Medium)

The moun­tains will be my back­yard.

P1170024 (Medium)

And a short dri­ve away from it is a bird­ing area where you can see these cute guys hang­ing around, being their goofy selves, in the spring- and sum­mer­time.

P1160942 (Medium)

They are so enter­tain­ing to watch that I don’t think I’d mind the lack of movie the­atres in this area.

P1160872 (Medium)

I got good inter­net con­nec­tion dur­ing our stay in Bakk­agerði so I’m sure I’d be able to sur­vive liv­ing here. It is com­plete­ly fea­si­ble and sen­si­ble for me to live here. Yes, total­ly!

Oh, who am I kid­ding! But it’s still nice to dream. :-)

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