My Apartment Crush

Fir­da: “Drew was my apart­ment crush.”
Troy: “You’re real­ly attract­ed to unat­tain­able men, aren’t you?”
Fir­da: “But he was so dreamy…”

Drew lived on the top floor of our apart­ment build­ing back when we still lived in Water­loo. He always looked dap­per and he had a great smile. One win­ter dur­ing a bliz­zard, Troy helped him get his car out of the apartment’s park­ing lot so he could res­cue his boyfriend whose car was stuck in a ditch some­where. The next day, he came over to our apart­ment to say thanks and gave Troy a thank you card and a Tim Horton’s gift card. So nice! Wish we had been friends.

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