Music To My Ears

Bad Hair Day

If you know me, you’ll know that when I like a song a lot, I’ll play it over and over again for days, much to my husband’s dis­may. There are two songs I real­ly, real­ly like at the moment. They’re from the same singer/songwriter and hap­pi­ly, the two songs are placed next to each oth­er in the album. How con­ve­nient! Say­ing that they’ve been in heavy rota­tion is an under­state­ment.

The singer/songwriter’s name is Josh Rit­ter. I’ve heard of him before as he’s been pro­duc­ing albums since 1999 (Wikipedia is your friend even though the infor­ma­tion is not always cor­rect) but was nev­er tempt­ed enough to sam­ple his music, until ear­li­er this week when I stum­bled upon this video on Tum­blr:

It’s a song about an Egypt­ian mum­my who falls in love with the arche­ol­o­gist who uncov­ered him! How roman­tic! Of course I just had to get hold of his lat­est album called “So Runs The World Away”, gave it one lis­ten, and now I’m hooked. You see, in order for me to be obsessed with a song and not feel guilty about it, not only does it have to have great melody, it has to have great lyrics. Yes, obsess­ing over a song with good melody but crap­py lyrics does make me feel guilty. Lucky for me, Josh Rit­ter writes great lyrics.

The oth­er song of his I’m obsessed with is worth a lis­ten if only for the last block of the lyrics which I find so beau­ti­ful and roman­tic (I’m a roman­tic at heart, sue me):

And here’s the part of the lyrics that always gets me:

I had a dream last night / And when I opened my eyes / Your shoul­der blade, your spine / Were shore­lines in the moon light / New worlds for the weary / New lands for the liv­ing / I could make it if I tried / I closed my eyes I kept on swim­ming

Accord­ing to the artist, the song is sup­posed to be “an epic about wak­ing up and see­ing the per­son you’re lying next to.” That’s just how I like my song lyrics: beau­ti­ful­ly poet­ic and about the sim­ple things in life that we seem to have tak­en for grant­ed.

Speak­ing of music, we have a live con­cert to go to tonight at an inn just down the road from where we live. We’re going to see Roy­al Wood, a Cana­di­an singer/songwriter whom we’ve seen live twice before and whose music we real­ly enjoy. We’ve nev­er seen any live per­for­mances at this loca­tion before but I hope it’ll be a good, small venue. I like small venues much bet­ter than big venues.

We’ve also got tick­ets to see Sarah Harmer — anoth­er Cana­di­an singer/songwriter — next month in Hamil­ton. I just know that it’s going to be good. It’s been years since my first and last Sarah Harmer con­cert (it was in Oril­lia of all places) and I could def­i­nite­ly use anoth­er one!

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