MT Upgrade == No Markdown

I upgrad­ed my Mov­able Type instal­la­tion from ver­sion 3.2 to ver­sion 3.31 yes­ter­day. For some rea­sons, the upgrade killed Mark­down and Smar­ty­pants. I’m anal about typog­ra­phy so that was unac­cept­able. So I down­grad­ed back to ver­sion 3.2 and I got my curly quotes/comma and dash­ing dash­es back. Yay! Hap­pi­ness! :)

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  1. Smar­ty­pants didn’t work, either. I decid­ed to just down­grade back to 3.2 and now every­thing is work­ing beau­ti­ful­ly again. :)

  2. I’ve heard noth­ing but bad things about expe­ri­ences upgrad­ing, so I’m won­der­ing what the point is.
    Are there not­i­ca­ble changes in any way (apart from things break­ing)?

  3. I do have the lat­est ver­sions. Mark­down and Smar­ty­Pants just didn’t work on the pre-upgrade entries, not even after a rebuild.

  4. Fab­u­lous!
    (LOL! Love the “fab­u­lous” fea­ture)
    Good! I’m glad it’s work­ing for you now!

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