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It’s only 17 days to go before we take pos­ses­sion of the house. Have we start­ed pack­ing yet? Well, Troy has. Like REALLY pack­ing? Not quite. Troy has packed all his DVD col­lec­tion and some of his CDs and books but not enough to make a dent. We sim­ply have So. Much. Crap. And I’m going to have so many cloth­ing items to donate to thrift stores.

Speak­ing of thrift stores, is it so wrong that I want mis­match fur­ni­ture for our house? Of course the mis­match fur­ni­ture has to be sol­id wood fur­ni­ture that peo­ple are let­ting go for cheap. For­tu­nate­ly, there are plen­ty of those. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Troy is not a big fan of the mis­match fur­ni­ture idea. He’s a tra­di­tion­al guy when it comes to home dec­o­ra­tion. :)

Well, mis­match is prob­a­bly not the word. I do have one par­tic­u­lar style that I like. I’m a big fan of vin­tage Dan­ish Mod­ern fur­ni­ture. I spot them all the time in online clas­si­fied ad sites I’ve been scour­ing for the last three months. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, a cer­tain used fur­ni­ture store in town has been doing the same thing, prob­a­bly for longer than I have. Need­less to say, the low­er-priced pieces of fur­ni­ture that I like don’t usu­al­ly last very long in the mar­ket because the store always moves quick­ly and snatch­es all the good deals, leav­ing me with some over­priced (or rather, con­scious­ly priced) stuff sold by peo­ple who actu­al­ly know how much the furniture’s worth. Not that we cur­rent­ly have any stor­age for fur­ni­ture. I wish we did, but we don’t. We also don’t have a truck, so it’s a real­ly frus­trat­ing sit­u­a­tion for me. I hate watch­ing the pieces of fur­ni­ture I like dis­ap­pear one by one and I hate it more because I know where they’re going and I know that the store is reselling them for more mon­ey than what they paid to get them.

I’m not a big fan of carved wood fur­ni­ture. They might be hot about 75–100 years ago but now, I find most of them rather ugly. And man, let me tell you. There are so many ugly pieces of fur­ni­ture peo­ple are try­ing to sell for crazy prices! A lot of them are couch­es. I’m kind of tempt­ed to start a new blog to show­case all the ugly couch­es I found. Tonnes of cringe-wor­thy mate­r­i­al out there. We might have to buy our­selves a new couch which, sad­ly, is nei­ther cheap nor green.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, I’ve been obsess­ing over paint colours for the house for as long as I’ve been obsess­ing over fur­ni­ture. At least when it comes to fur­ni­ture, I know for sure what I want. Not so much when it comes to paint colours. It’s just that one day I like cheer­ful. The next day I like dra­mat­ic. And the day after that I like calm. I wish they sold paints that change colours accord­ing to the inhabitant’s mood. Kind of like the mood ring but for the walls. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, it’s almost lunchtime. I’ve been deny­ing myself stinky fried rice for days that my taste bud is feel­ing deprived so I’d bet­ter make some now. What, you want the recipe for my beloved stinky fried rice? Well, all you need is onion, gar­lic, an egg, ground chili (also known as sam­bal oelek), salt and pep­per, veg­etable oil, and of course rice. Cook the rice, chopped the onion and gar­lic, heat the oil in the wok, fry the onion and gar­lic until fra­grant, throw in a pinch of pep­per, throw in the ground chili, break the egg into the wok and scram­ble, throw in the rice and salt, mix well, and voila! Stinky Fried Rice a la Fir­da! (Note: Stinky fried rice is only stinky to those who don’t like spicy food. You know. Like Troy.)

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  1. Troy is weird. tyhat does­nt soudn like its stinky at ALL! In fact I would be all over that rice like a rash dude! Plain rice is no fun so any­thing added to give flavour wins in my book!
    re paint­ing the walls — i think i am bor­ing. i would want plain white walls (or some oth­er very pale colour) and use fur­ni­ture, paint­ings, bur­tains and stuff to add colour.
    re the fur­ni­ture — 1) dont say mis­matched — say eclec­tic! and eclec­tic can work.…as long as the pieces work TOGETHER its fine. you have a good eye for stuff. troy should trust you! :D

  2. Good luck on the fur­ni­ture thingy. I’m mov­ing to a new home as well. What’s the rea­son you want mis­match fur­ni­ture?

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