On the Windowsill

Don’t real­ly feel like writ­ing. Been feel­ing kind of blah. Tired of being told I’m a bad per­son by folks back home in Indone­sia for not being reli­gious. Tired of being judged by peo­ple who don’t know the whole sto­ry. But I haven’t grown tired of the pic­ture above. I think it’s pret­ty, even if I say so myself.

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  1. I know what you mean about being judged bad­ly due to a lack of reli­gion. Have lived with it for over half of my life now. While most of the time it doesn’t both­er me, it still creeps up now and then and makes me sad and angry that peo­ple can’t just accept that I’m hap­py with my own beliefs.

  2. Don’t take it per­son­al Fir­da, you live your life the right way, you don’t harm peo­ple, you’re not anyone’s bur­den, so who cares if any­one judges you.
    They’re just mor­tals, and reli­gious folks should nev­er ever judge oth­ers, because that makes them total hyp­ocrites.
    James 1:26
    If any­one con­sid­ers him­self reli­gious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives him­self and his reli­gion is worth­less.
    that quote post­ed here by an Agnos­tic :)

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