Made In Indonesia

Liv­ing on the oth­er side of the world from my home­land Indone­sia, I get this weird feel­ing of sat­is­fac­tion every time we pur­chase some­thing with “Made In Indone­sia” print­ed on it. In fact, I’m kind of obsessed with such prod­ucts. The only place I could find the rare Indone­sian-made prod­ucts (oth­er than food and wood­crafts) seems to be thrift stores, which we hap­pen to vis­it often. So far I’ve picked up two pairs of shorts (the most com­fort­able pairs of shorts ever), a num­ber of Fuji 35mm point-and-shoot cam­eras (just for the fact that they were made in Indone­sia), a pair of Nike san­dals, and a pair of Reebok run­ning shoes from var­i­ous thrift stores.

Actu­al­ly, I didn’t realise that the Nike san­dals and the Reebok shoes were made in Indone­sia until we got home. It made me think of all the poor Indone­sian sweat­shop work­ers who assem­bled them. The only thing that makes me feel bet­ter is the fact that we bought them used (no mon­ey going to Nike and Reebok and some might even go to char­i­ties), and also the fact that at least when I’m wear­ing the san­dals or the shoes, I’ll be think­ing of the coun­try where they came from.

Yeah, I know my jus­ti­fi­ca­tion sounds kind of lame, but real­ly, I only picked them up because they were the only pairs I could find at the time that were com­fort­able, fit my big feet per­fect­ly, looked as good as new, and, of course, cheap. You wouldn’t be able to get them cheap brand new. And I can guar­an­tee that if I had to buy shoes brand new, I’d only pick up a pair from a brand with an unheard of sweat­shop rep­u­ta­tion. They’re usu­al­ly more afford­able any­way. And I wouldn’t feel guilty wear­ing them.

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  1. Just got same as you yes­ter­day . My Adi­das bought 3 years ago in Sin­ga­pore noticed were fab­rique en indone­sie… what a joke

  2. FYI, reebok cloth­ing fac­to­ry was some­where in Cimahi (near Ban­dung. Peo­ple in Cimahi resist­ed to be called Ban­dung cit­i­zen, but the fact is that Cimahi is too small to be called ‘a town’). But I’m not sure wheter Reebok still con­tract that com­pa­ny or not. A lot of Reebok/Adidas/whatever prod­ucts that are being sold in ‘Fac­to­ry out­let’ in Ban­dung are reject­ed prod­ucts (ex-tri­al prod­ucts or not for export).

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