Long Walks on the Beach: Overrated?


I don't find the idea of long walks on the beach very appealing, yet a lot of people put it in their personal ads, thinking that prospective matches will see it as a positive point, perhaps because it implies romance or something. I wonder if it really works. You see, this past Sunday Troy and I went for a walk on a deserted beach in Turkey Point (crappy weather == deserted beach) and it was anything but romantic. Don't get me wrong. Troy and I are very much in love, but long walks on the beach are just so overrated.

It's all about the sand, really. Walking on a thick layer of sand, your steps become heavy and you get kind of wobbly because, well, sand is no concrete, and it makes you walk like you were drunk. And then you get grains of sand inside your shoes which may result in blisters if you insist on taking a long walk with it. Just imagine if your date suggests that you get into the water after the long walk and it's saltwater and you have open wounds on your feet from the blisters but you couldn't say no. How romantic would that be? Troy said that it would be better if you were walking barefoot but there's a lot of sharp objects on the beach that can stab you on the feet. If I had to take a long walk on the beach, I'd rather get blisters than walking barefoot.

I think this paragraph from an article on long walks on the beach at everything2.com says it all:

This is ... an example of something that sounds romantic but when put into practice often results in muppet hair, a small grain of sand in your shoe resulting in a large blister, and a very unromantic odor of salt spray.

Long walks on the beach makes me think of Bacon Exotic Candy Bar, Smoked Salmon Paté Soda, and Crab Ice Cream. Basically, everything that belongs to the Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time category. Really, every time I went for a walk on the beach, I always ended up thinking, "Now I remember why I don't go for long walks on the beach!" But next month, I think I'm going to have to do just that since we will be staying in an oceanfront cottage for a couple of nights. I'm sure I would wish we could stay longer, but alas, we don't live in France. How does 30 days of legally required paid annual leave sound to you? Pretty sweet deal, eh?

I'm not a beach person. Can you tell? ;)


  1. tia
    August 22, 2007

    yes you are so not! he he… and noth­ing is wrong with that! me, I so hate every­thing about coun­try and I don’t real­ly know why. how­ev­er I love tak­ing a real­ly long walk on the beach, espe­cial­ly in the morn­ing or dur­ing sun­set (oth­er times are way too hot for me) not nec­es­sar­i­ly with any­one. even if I was alone I still love doing it.

  2. miund
    August 23, 2007

    haha­ha­ha… omg you see walk­ing on the beach the way i see peo­ple with their lap­tops in cof­fee shop.
    to me it’s roman­tic, whether you’re with that ‘some­one’ or alone. what’s annoy­ing is wash­ing the sand off when you reach the hotel and when you feel sticky all over. it’s kin­da gross.
    will stop by more often. you have a very cute lay­out! ;)

  3. michel v
    August 26, 2007

    Heh, I think the NY Times was a bit eager to exager­ate num­bers.
    French work­ers usu­al­ly get 5 weeks each yea of paid leave, but it only trans­lates into 30 days if you have a 6-days work week. If you work from mon­day to fri­day, it trans­lates to 25 days, since when you take the fri­day off they count the sat­ur­day off aswell.
    Either way, it’s a very high num­ber of days indeed. I already took four weeks off this year (the last three were kind of forced on me by my pre­vi­ous boss, and I spent them in Paris when it rained all the dam time — got out of them more depressed than rest­ed), and I still have some com­ing up. :)

  4. Firda
    August 29, 2007

    Good for you! :)

  5. Fodd
    September 8, 2007

    May­be its just bet­ter to get one of the ‘Sounds of the Ocean’ CDs and stay in bed.


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