Long Walks on the Beach: Overrated?


I don’t find the idea of long walks on the beach very appeal­ing, yet a lot of peo­ple put it in their per­son­al ads, think­ing that prospec­tive match­es will see it as a pos­i­tive point, per­haps because it implies romance or some­thing. I won­der if it real­ly works. You see, this past Sun­day Troy and I went for a walk on a desert­ed beach in Turkey Point (crap­py weath­er == desert­ed beach) and it was any­thing but roman­tic. Don’t get me wrong. Troy and I are very much in love, but long walks on the beach are just so over­rat­ed.

It’s all about the sand, real­ly. Walk­ing on a thick lay­er of sand, your steps become heavy and you get kind of wob­bly because, well, sand is no con­crete, and it makes you walk like you were drunk. And then you get grains of sand inside your shoes which may result in blis­ters if you insist on tak­ing a long walk with it. Just imag­ine if your date sug­gests that you get into the water after the long walk and it’s salt­wa­ter and you have open wounds on your feet from the blis­ters but you couldn’t say no. How roman­tic would that be? Troy said that it would be bet­ter if you were walk­ing bare­foot but there’s a lot of sharp objects on the beach that can stab you on the feet. If I had to take a long walk on the beach, I’d rather get blis­ters than walk­ing bare­foot.

I think this para­graph from an arti­cle on long walks on the beach at everything2.com says it all:

This is … an exam­ple of some­thing that sounds roman­tic but when put into prac­tice often results in mup­pet hair, a small grain of sand in your shoe result­ing in a large blis­ter, and a very unro­man­tic odor of salt spray.

Long walks on the beach makes me think of Bacon Exot­ic Can­dy Bar, Smoked Salmon Paté Soda, and Crab Ice Cream. Basi­cal­ly, every­thing that belongs to the Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time cat­e­go­ry. Real­ly, every time I went for a walk on the beach, I always end­ed up think­ing, “Now I remem­ber why I don’t go for long walks on the beach!” But next month, I think I’m going to have to do just that since we will be stay­ing in an ocean­front cot­tage for a cou­ple of nights. I’m sure I would wish we could stay longer, but alas, we don’t live in France. How does 30 days of legal­ly required paid annu­al leave sound to you? Pret­ty sweet deal, eh?

I’m not a beach per­son. Can you tell? ;)

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  1. yes you are so not! he he… and noth­ing is wrong with that! me, I so hate every­thing about coun­try and I don’t real­ly know why. how­ev­er I love tak­ing a real­ly long walk on the beach, espe­cial­ly in the morn­ing or dur­ing sun­set (oth­er times are way too hot for me) not nec­es­sar­i­ly with any­one. even if I was alone I still love doing it.

  2. haha­ha­ha… omg you see walk­ing on the beach the way i see peo­ple with their lap­tops in cof­fee shop.
    to me it’s roman­tic, whether you’re with that ‘some­one’ or alone. what’s annoy­ing is wash­ing the sand off when you reach the hotel and when you feel sticky all over. it’s kin­da gross.
    will stop by more often. you have a very cute lay­out! ;)

  3. Heh, I think the NY Times was a bit eager to exager­ate num­bers.
    French work­ers usu­al­ly get 5 weeks each yea of paid leave, but it only trans­lates into 30 days if you have a 6-days work week. If you work from mon­day to fri­day, it trans­lates to 25 days, since when you take the fri­day off they count the sat­ur­day off aswell.
    Either way, it’s a very high num­ber of days indeed. I already took four weeks off this year (the last three were kind of forced on me by my pre­vi­ous boss, and I spent them in Paris when it rained all the dam time — got out of them more depressed than rest­ed), and I still have some com­ing up. :)

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