№ 16 — London, England

I guess I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I was there. My moth­er just died. She and I used to day­dream about going to Lon­don togeth­er some­day so being there with­out her was kind of depress­ing. I went to Lon­don by myself one day (I was stay­ing in Wim­ble­don with my aunt and uncle) and I was just walk­ing around aim­less­ly, feel­ing sad. Sat in the rain while star­ing at the Thames, being all emo. So yeah, not a good mem­o­ry.

The pic­ture above was tak­en from the Lon­don Eye. I met up with my sis­ter-in-law and her sis­ter one day and we did the touristy stuff around the city, includ­ing a ride on the Lon­don Eye. We got to the Lon­don Eye site ear­ly so the line up queue wasn’t super long yet. The secu­ri­ty had to check every passenger’s bag before the ride. When the secu­ri­ty guy found my stuffed duck Quack in my bag, he held it up, smiled, and said “quack!” Made me laugh. The Lon­don Eye ride was enjoy­able but way too short, espe­cial­ly for the price!

I was actu­al­ly in Lon­don twice that year before and after my first vis­it to Cana­da but real­ly didn’t get to see much. We’re plan­ning on doing a road trip around Great Britain for my husband’s 40th birth­day. Hope­ful­ly I’ll get to see more of Lon­don then.

Adden­dum: Poor qual­i­ty pho­to cour­tesy of a Kodak 2MP dig­i­tal cam­era a gen­er­ous read­er gave me just for the trip. It served me well. In 2004 when I took this trip, most dig­i­tal cam­eras only had 2–3MP pic­ture qual­i­ty.

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