Live and Learn


I love learn­ing to do new things. It gives me a sense of accom­plish­ment when I look back. This year I’m hop­ing to:

  • Learn to draw;
  • Learn to make cute shrinky dinks out of my draw­ings;
  • Learn to make neg­a­tives out of Fuji instant film;
  • Maybe learn to knit.

I said maybe to knit­ting because I still find it daunt­ing, but I’ve got a cou­ple of friends and my moth­er-in-law offer­ing to teach me how to knit so we’ll see about it. I do have a big stash of yarn to burn from my ven­ture into the won­der­ful world of cro­chet last year.

I just ordered three books to help me teach myself how to draw. They’re all by Sachiko Umo­to. I like her draw­ing style. Troy also says that he has Draw­ing for the Artis­ti­cal­ly Undis­cov­ered by Quentin Blake some­where among the piles of books in the base­ment that he’ll dig out for me. Quentin Blake is known for his quirky draw­ings in var­i­ous Roald Dahl’s books and I do enjoy his style.

As for shrinky dinks, well, I was first inspired by a blog post and then of course my new favourite TV show, Rais­ing Hope, has to fea­ture shrinky dinks in its fourth episode that I just watched last night. It’s like the uni­verse is try­ing to tell me some­thing, and I’m lis­ten­ing! :)

I start­ed shoot­ing with a vin­tage Polaroid Land Mod­el 100 last year. Polaroid no longer made the film for it but luck­i­ly, Fuji­film does. With the cam­era, I’ve been shoot­ing Fuji­film FP-100C instant film, which is a peel apart film. I’ve always found the part that you peel off and throw away to be such a waste. But then I found out that you can actu­al­ly make a neg­a­tive out of it with a lit­tle help from a house­hold bleach prod­uct! Of course I have to learn how to do it. Even more so now that I’ve got an instant film back for my Has­sel­blad. Hav­ing a neg­a­tive to your shots is always a good thing.

Are you still awake? Good. I was wor­ried for a bit there. :) And this is the part in which I don’t know how to end a blog post. I think I’ll just end it with a “Fin” a la French movies. Oh là là!


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  1. If you’re look­ing for a real­ly amaz­ing draw­ing book, I’d check out “Draw­ing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Bet­ty Edwards. It’s avail­able both as the full book and as a com­bi­na­tion workbook/sketchbook. I’m going through it at the moment, try­ing to whip my draw­ing skills back into shape (I’ve been neglect­ing them a bit…) and the exer­cis­es are the best I’ve seen.

    Any­ways, I just dis­cov­ered your blog, and am enjoy­ing it very much so far =) Thanks for shar­ing!

  2. Hey! I just stum­bled upon your blog and I think it’s fun­ny we have so much in com­mon. I’m an Argen­tin­ian in Cana­da, I also don’t like sum­mer or women, or cof­fee or alco­hol. Haha. I just thought your blog was cute :)

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