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What sto­ry should I tell you today? I don’t know. Um, I made pan­cakes for lunch today. Cheese pan­cakes. They were real­ly good pan­cakes. Best I’ve ever made, even. But I couldn’t real­ly taste the cheese. I think the syrup I put on them might have over­pow­ered the cheese. It wasn’t even real maple syrup. Real maple syrup would over-over­pow­ered the cheese for sure. If you’ve had real maple syrup, you would know how sweet it is. Crazy sweet! That’s why we pre­fer Aunt Jemi­ma syrup to real maple syrup. We have a bot­tle of real maple syrup just sit­ting around doing noth­ing in the fridge and it’s been there for prob­a­bly two years! We’ve been offer­ing it to friends and fam­i­ly mem­bers, but so far, no tak­ers.

I came across a bunch of lists peo­ple put togeth­er today. Some are sil­ly, some are not, some oth­ers are actu­al­ly quite sci­en­tif­ic. Let’s start from the most sci­en­tif­ic one. 10 Recent Sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly Solved Mys­ter­ies. You might have read this list already since it’s from April of this year but it’s new to me and it’s quite inter­est­ing. You don’t have to be a sci­ence geek to enjoy this list.

Next, not real­ly a list, but still some­what sci­en­tif­ic: find out if your cat is right- or left-hand­ed. It kind of makes me wish I had a cat so I could con­duct this exper­i­ment.

And anoth­er not-quite-a-list. It’s a book blog called Awful Library Books, which is “a col­lec­tion of pub­lic library hold­ings that [the blog­gers] find amus­ing and maybe ques­tion­able for pub­lic libraries try­ing to main­tain a cur­rent and rel­e­vant col­lec­tion.” The books are most­ly (if not all) what you’d call vin­tage and can be quite polit­i­cal­ly-incor­rect by today’s stan­dards.

Speak­ing of vin­tage, check out this list of 15 Creepi­est Vin­tage Ads Of All Time. It’ll make you won­der who made the deci­sions for these ads to go to print. Seri­ous­ly. And while we’re at it, see also 10 Strangest Japan­ese Toys. Don’t let the first one freak you out. It does get bet­ter!

Oh, look, Japan­ese bird cook­ing spaghet­ti!

And that’s all for today.

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  1. oh my… I spent weeks look­ing for the real maple syrup like the one they sell at van­cou­ver air­port. I had to bribe my friends in seat­tle just to get me some. I think ‘fake’ maple syrup is thick­er and sweet­er?

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