Every evening, at 7:30 PM, the boy and I would be glued to the TV watching “Jeopardy!”. Even when he was studying, the boy would take a break just to watch the show. He’s that much of a geek.

Anyway, if you’re a “Jeopardy!” junkie yourself, you must’ve heard of Ken Jennings, but how much do you really know about Jennings and “Jeopardy!”? Take the Jennings Jeopardy quiz to find out. I only scored a measly 41. But hey, I’ve only started watching “Jeopardy!” last summer!

Speaking of Ken Jennings, he now has a new gig being a spokesman for Encarta, Microsoft’s encyclopedia product. I think it’s kind of cool, even if Microsoft is evil.

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very pretty!!! i have never watched Jeopardy. but i do know how its played thanks to one very dumb movie – White Men cant Jump. yay!!!
see – you can get knowledge from the stupidest places!!


Yay! I am so glad to see you again! The new design is very lovely!
this is rori from, formerly known as onegirlslife.
I am going to attempt to see what is making this comment not go through.


I absolutely adore Ken Jennings. He’s my hero, for I am a dork.


I’m not a geek. I just like trivia! :)