In Which She Complains About the Weather Being Too Warm


Am I the only one in South­west­ern Ontario who thinks that it’s a bit too warm for a late autumn yet peo­ple seem to ignore it and still dress in lay­ers? I mean, last week­end was pret­ty warm but Troy and I seemed to be the only peo­ple walk­ing around in t-shirts and jeans with no coats on. And I’m a trop­i­cal island girl! What’s up with that? I thought Cana­di­ans were cold-proof!

Any­way, I was just check­ing the weath­er fore­cast and the tem­per­a­ture is sup­posed to be falling today. Sweet! Though only to 5°C, which isn’t exact­ly cold, but it’s still bet­ter than low-teens. By Sun­day, the tem­per­a­ture will be down to -1°C at the high­est. Yay! And with flur­ries! Dou­ble yay! And then Troy will start get­ting grumpy every time I insist on us going some place to take pic­tures. Poor Troy. Unlike me, he hates cold weath­er and snow. And he’s still wait­ing for win­ter to grow old on me, in vain.

They’ve been get­ting tonnes of snow out West, even in Van­cou­ver. I won­der when our turn will be.

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  1. Oh wow, by then you’d be a grumpy old man! Though it’s sweet that you’re will­ing to wait for that long. Hehe.

  2. Here in Boston we are hav­ing a very warm today. I didn’t even wear a jack­et to work! What was unset­tling is that there is a new­ly bloomed rose in the gar­den where I live and anoth­er flower is bloom­ing, too. Glob­al warm­ing!!

  3. It’s been rain­ing all morn­ing here. The plants must think it’s spring already! Espe­cial­ly since the first snow fell in ear­ly autumn but it was only get­ting warmer since then. Glob­al warm­ing indeed.

  4. You will even­tu­al­ly tire of snow. This is only your third win­ter. Wait for anoth­er 28 and you’ll be just as pes­simistic as I am about the sea­son :)

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