(Impatiently) Waiting for Spring

African Violet

I like win­ter but I’m real­ly, real­ly look­ing for­ward to spring because I can’t wait to start my gar­den. This house was sold to us in April last year but we couldn’t move in until July and by then it was already a bit too late to start a gar­den. But this year, I’m going to have a whole year to grow what­ev­er I want! Yippee!

My plan was to turn the back­yard into a veg­etable gar­den, but I’ve changed my mind. You see, a cou­ple of weeks ago, I very ambi­tious­ly bought seeds to grow 11 (!) dif­fer­ent vari­eties of heir­loom toma­toes off eBay. I thought fill­ing the whole back­yard with toma­to plants sound­ed like a boat­load of fun and a half. But then com­mon sense kicked in and I realised that it would be way too much work, espe­cial­ly for a novice (not to men­tion lazy) gar­den­er like myself. So I’ve decid­ed to be less ambi­tious and just plant 3 or 4 vari­eties this year and see how it goes. I won’t even plant them in the gar­den. I’ll plant them in 5-gal­lon buck­ets instead because I read that it would make the plants eas­i­er to main­tain. I will also put them on the deck so I don’t pro­cras­ti­nate too much when it comes to water­ing because they need a lot of water to grow!

Now for the back­yard, I think I’ll just focus on mak­ing it look eas­i­er on the eye since the pre­vi­ous own­er did pret­ty much noth­ing to the back­yard. No flower beds, no plants, noth­ing but weed-infect­ed grass. I’m going to put in some love­ly flow­er­ing plants. In fact, I’m going to start grow­ing them from seeds some time this week using the win­ter sow­ing method. I’ve nev­er done it before so it’s going to be an excit­ing exper­i­ment! Basi­cal­ly, you just plant the seeds in plas­tic pop bot­tles, put them out­side the house and then for­get all about it until spring. By then the seedlings should be ready for plant­i­ng on the ground. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do the for­get­ting all about it until spring part due to my obses­sive nature, but the rest sounds pret­ty easy. We’ll see how it goes!

Anoth­er rea­son I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to spring: I can’t wait to see our cher­ry tree bloom­ing! Cher­ry blos­soms are so pret­ty. That is assum­ing that it’s still alive. Dor­mant trees make me won­der some­times.

Oh, I know that 99.9% of my read­er­ship has no inter­est in gar­den­ing but just bear with me, mmmkay? ;)

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  1. Are you kid­ding? I love gar­den­ing! I too like win­ter, but after men­tion­ing my gar­den in a post a few weeks ago, I’ve had the itch to get things going in there.
    I like to grow veg­eta­bles. Any flow­ers I have are most­ly peren­ni­als so I don’t have to buy new ones every year.
    Toma­toes are easy — just make sure you stake them before they get too big. The only oth­er piece of advice I have is to stay away from cher­ry toma­toes if you’re going to plant them in the ground.
    They are deli­cious and you get tons of them — and they also reseed very eas­i­ly. Two years ago I plant­ed some and last year I end­ed up pick­ing out hun­dreds of baby toma­to plants from all the toma­toes that had fall­en on the ground. I nev­er had that prob­lem with reg­u­lar sized toma­toes.
    Make sure you post lots of pic­tures :)

  2. i like your gar­den­ing posts. some­times i feel the urge to grow things but have yet to fol­low through. know­ing you are doing so makes me hap­py!

  3. Heir­loom toma­toes are ter­rif­ic. I have a friend who has some land and I keep telling her to grow some heir­loom toma­toes, but she’s nev­er had any so she doesn’t real­ize how won­der­ful they are.
    Maybe I’ll just get her some seeds and let her plant them.
    Enjoy! Spring is just around the cor­ner.

  4. I love gar­den­ing too! And can talk about it for hours. We have an allot­ment here in Leeds and grew all sorts last sum­mer — in spite of it being a very very bad grow­ing sea­son. The best thing was sweet corn. Toma­toes died cos it was too wet — I’m hop­ing this sum­mer will be bet­ter. The best thing for a gar­den that you have reg­u­lar access to (ours is 10 minute walk from our flat) — herbs. If yr grow­ing toma­toes, you’ve got to grow basil to go with! And mint (in a con­tain­er or it will col­o­nize every­thing) and cilantro and pars­ley… yum. Good luck! It’s such a great past­time.

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