Iceland, Soon

Because I was feel­ing blah (damn you, hor­mones!), I thought I’d watch some videos of Ice­land to cheer myself up. Our trip there is only a month and a half away now. Yay! I installed a count­down app on my tablet last night. I don’t know why I didn’t do it soon­er. Hav­ing the app has made my life a lit­tle eas­i­er. All I have to do is look at the home screen to know how many days we have left until the trip. Can’t get any eas­i­er than that!

Watch­ing all these videos make me want to get an inter­val­ome­ter for my lit­tle Lumix GF1 so I could take some time lapse videos. I have one for my Canon 5D but I’m not tak­ing that cam­era with me to the trip. Too frickin’ heavy! I’m not car­ry­ing it around while hik­ing. It would kill me! I love my GF1 because it’s small and light but takes pic­tures in almost as good qual­i­ty as the good, old 5D. Plus, it takes HD videos. 5D Mk1 cam­eras don’t have video capa­bil­i­ty like its younger sib­lings do. The only down­side is the GF1 doesn’t do as well in low light as the 5D, but we’re not expect­ing to see any auro­ra bore­alis in late May any­way so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

I’m also tak­ing my GoPro HD video cam­era with me, which actu­al­ly has time lapse video fea­ture built-in. I even have a water­proof case for it so it should be good for some­thing. It did make some pret­ty good videos of our New­found­land trip a cou­ple of years back. I haven’t decid­ed which film cam­eras I’m going to take but I’m lean­ing towards the Great Wall DF, which is an old, Chi­nese-made, medi­um for­mat SLR cam­era (just because it’s lighter than my Has­sel­blad 500C/M) and maybe one of the Polaroids. Though I might change my mind. Four of my cam­eras plus two of my husband’s sounds a lit­tle exces­sive, don’t you think? Espe­cial­ly when we’re plan­ning on trav­el­ling light. We shall see how many cam­eras I actu­al­ly end up tak­ing with me to the trip.

If you don’t want to go to Ice­land after watch­ing these videos, you prob­a­bly have no heart inter­est to go to Ice­land at all. That’s all right. I have no inter­est in vis­it­ing places with warm cli­mate so we’re cool. ;-)

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