Iceland Road Conditions and Weather Information

So you have a road trip around Ice­land com­ing up but you’re not quite sure what the road con­di­tions and the weath­er will be like (the weath­er part will also deter­mine whether you need to pack your win­ter coat or not). The fol­low­ing web­sites are your friends and they will show you just what you need to know. We found them very use­ful dur­ing our vis­it.

Road Con­di­tions

For road con­di­tions, make sure you book­mark Veg­agerdin (Ice­landic Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion) web­site. This click­able road con­di­tion map is essen­tial. Don’t hit the road before con­sult­ing it first. If that’s not enough and you need to know what road con­di­tions are like in (almost) real-time, there are road web cams, ready for your perusal.


For weath­er fore­cast, Vedur (Ice­landic Met Office) web­site is the one to book­mark. It has a click­able map of Ice­land with a 6-day fore­cast. It even has a map with weath­er for areas around pop­u­lar tourist attrac­tions. Very handy! Tip: For some­thing dif­fer­ent, scroll down the page and play the sound file of an Ice­landic per­son read­ing the weath­er fore­cast in Eng­lish. Ice­landic accent is adorable. :-)

Anoth­er web­site you might want to book­mark is Live from Ice­land. It has live stream­ing web­cams from var­i­ous attrac­tions in South Ice­land, includ­ing Reyk­javik. My hus­band loves watch­ing the one of Geysir (I’d rec­om­mend wait­ing a bit until you see the one geyser called Strokkur erupt — it won’t be long). I love the Jökul­sár­lón one. Any­way, you can see what the weather’s like at those places in real time and even can arrange to have some­one at home watch you have a blast through the web­cams!

I hope some­one will find this post use­ful. Have fun in Ice­land!

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