I Still Like Winter, Really

Into the Cold Water

Troy didn’t get to go home last night. I told him to just suc­cumb to his fate and stay in Strat­ford instead of wait­ing around for the high­ways to open which might or might not hap­pen. He spent the night at his co-worker’s place so I had to sleep alone, which wasn’t too bad because I got to sleep with the light on. I like sleep­ing with the light on (did it all the time back in Indone­sia) though I know it’s not very ener­gy-friend­ly. I have sil­ly beliefs like if I slept with my glass­es on, I’d be able to see bet­ter when I’m dream­ing and wouldn’t have night­mares about step­ping on a pile of poo or some­thing like that. The same goes with sleep­ing with the light on. I’d be able to see if any­one tried to kill me in my night­mares and be able to pre­vent it. Told you it was sil­ly! :)

Any­way, I often won­der who gets to write the weath­er warn­ings at the Cana­di­an Weath­er Office because some­times they seem to try too hard to be poet­ic. Here’s an exam­ple:

Very cold Arc­tic air has set­tled back across south­ern Ontario accom­pa­nied by bit­ter­ly cold north­west­er­ly winds. These very cold con­di­tions will pro­duce wind chill val­ues rang­ing from minus 30 in por­tions of the south­west to around minus 35 in Toron­to to as low as minus 39 north­east of Toron­to. Read­ings are par­tic­u­lar­ly severe in extreme east­ern Ontario along the Ottawa Val­ley where read­ings are hov­er­ing below minus 40 with north­west winds of 30 to 40 km/h. These bit­ter­ly cold read­ings will ease lat­er this morn­ing as the mer­cury begins to climb and winds abate slight­ly.

Or is it just me? I mean, they could’ve just said very cold winds instead of bit­ter­ly cold winds. Though I have to say that I kind of like the sound of the last sen­tence of the para­graph.

By the way, don’t get me wrong. I still like win­ter. I just don’t like it when it’s this cold. My first two win­ters were ide­al. Well, maybe not the win­ter before this one. It was too mild for my lik­ing. My first win­ter was the best! Did I ever tell you that I han­dle win­ter bet­ter that Troy does? ;) He han­dles sum­mer bet­ter that I do, how­ev­er. I don’t like Cana­di­an sum­mer. It’s dif­fer­ent from the Indone­sian year-long sum­mer, you know. Cana­di­an sum­mer has way too much UV in its ingre­di­ents!

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  1. I like win­ter, too——-but a nor­mal win­ter not all crammed into a month flat. My gar­dens need to rest and the snow­plow con­tract is not a waste of mon­ey when things are nor­mal. In my neck of the woods, that means from Decem­ber to March.

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