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I don’t wear clever t-shirts because if some stranger said some­thing about the t-shirt I’m wear­ing and then start­ed talk­ing to me, I wouldn’t know what to say. I’m not much of a con­ver­sa­tion­al­ist. Troy, on the oth­er hand, loves his clever t-shirts. Coin­ci­den­tal­ly (no, real­ly), he just wrote an entry about it at his blog. Go check it out!

I real­ly need to sleep. I didn’t have a very good sleep last night. But I have some links to share so please for­give me if I don’t blab as much as you’d like me to in this post. First we have 100 Web­site Nam­ing Dis­as­ters. Who knew that rim.jobs actu­al­ly redi­rects to the Careers page at the Research In Motion web­site.

And then there’s this web­site called How To Get Rid Of Things and it’s pret­ty self-explana­to­ry. It shows you how to get rid of things like love bites, hus­band, lone­li­ness, even cook­ies. Not that you need any­one to tell you how to get rid of cook­ies. You should know how already. Just eat the damn cook­ies! Oh, and it also shows you how to get rid of books, which is some­thing some­one in this house­hold could learn a thing or two from…

I was going to share this last link yes­ter­day but I for­got to. If you go to YouTube a lot for your music fix, you’re going to like ListenToYouTube.com. If you enter the URL from any YouTube page, this appli­ca­tion will quick­ly retrieve the Flash video file and extract the audio as a down­load­able MP3. I don’t know how fast the serv­er is or how well it works. I haven’t giv­en it a try. I just thought the idea was neat.

Well, it’s bed­time for me. It’s already past my bed­time, actu­al­ly. I hope I’ll get a good sleep tonight. I real­ly, real­ly need it.

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  1. seri­ous­ly, you always have the best links to fun and use­ful web­sites. hap­py to see that you’re updat­ing more often!

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