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From Last Autumn

I’ve been doing a fair amount of read­ing late­ly. The last book I picked up, I fin­ished in mere­ly two days. Grant­ed it’s a YA (young adult) book but hey, it’s a 30-chap­ter young adult book! I’m so proud of myself. Mind you, it usu­al­ly takes me months to fin­ish read­ing one book. I guess it all depends on how inter­est­ing the book is to me and how much I can relate to the main char­ac­ter in the book. The more I can relate to the char­ac­ter, the faster I fin­ish it.

When I’m read­ing, I visu­al­ize every­thing in my head, just like a movie. I’m a very visu­al per­son with a ten­den­cy of miss­ing the obvi­ous and catch­ing the mun­dane. I’m weird that way. Troy thinks I’m miss­ing a lot because he sees things that I don’t. But I too see things that he doesn’t. That’s why we make such a great team. :) Any­way, I love it when an author pays a lot of atten­tion to details. Not only phys­i­cal details, but also emo­tion­al details. What the main char­ac­ter sens­es. That would make a pret­ty wild movie in my head.

The last two books I fin­ished were from the same author, Jer­ry Spinel­li. The titles are Star­girl and Los­er. The books are about out­casts in school. Star­girl is quirky and Zinkoff (the main char­ac­ter in Los­er) is, well, your typ­i­cal los­er. I enjoyed read­ing Los­er more because I could relate with Zinkoff more than I could Star­girl. I was a los­er through­out my school years. The only dif­fer­ence is, I got good grades, except in PE. I was super clum­sy (still am) and I real­ly sucked at PE. In mid­dle school, the PE teacher just kept pick­ing on me because of it. He made me hate sports. So much for a teacher, eh? I high­ly rec­om­mend Los­er. It made a good movie in my head.

I haven’t decid­ed what’s next on my read­ing list. I took The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Nif­f­eneg­ger off the shelf, but after toy­ing with it, I put it back. I’m not ready for it yet. Too thick. I used to be able to fin­ish read­ing thick books but not any­more. I lost that abil­i­ty some­where. Troy rec­om­mend­ed me some books about mice but I don’t think it’s my thing. Sure they are fic­tions, but I’d rather read books about peo­ple. Oh well. I’ll find some­thing soon.

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  1. The Time Traveller’s Wife is bril­liant — maybe think of each chap­ter as a unit in itself so that the whole book doesn’t seem such a daunt­ing task? Have you read The Curi­ous Inci­dent of the Dog in the Night­time? It was orig­i­nal­ly a children’s book but they have adult edi­tions now, too, and that’s an excel­lent — and easy — read.

  2. Yup, I read The Curi­ous Inci­dent… last year. Very good book.
    I always read chap­ter by chap­ter but one chap­ter in The Time Traveller’s Wife is like 25 pages long!
    I think I’m going to read either A Com­pli­cat­ed Kind­ness by Miri­am Toews or Life of Pi by Yann Mar­tel next. Either one of those. Both books sound inter­est­ing.

  3. Hi Fir­da
    Is there any­way to con­tact you direct­ly, either via snail mail or email?

  4. Time Traveller’s Wife is a great book, I love it!! I believe it’s actu­al­ly more about rela­tion­ship or romance than about fic­tion.

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