I Hate Summer


Oh, hel­lo there! Long time no see! Where have you been? I’ve been every­where and nowhere. Every­where in the week­ends, nowhere dur­ing the week. Same old, same old. In addi­tion, I’ve been sick for the last week or so. Have real­ly bad coughs. I hope I’ll get bet­ter before the week­end because we’re going back to the cot­tage this week­end for more bar­be­cue, lake swim­ming, and gam­ing fun with friends. I’d say more mos­qui­to bites but that part isn’t fun at all!

Being sick has its advan­tage, though. I get to do more read­ing because I don’t real­ly feel like sit­ting in front of the com­put­er all day when I’m sick. Last week I final­ly got around to fin­ish­ing read­ing The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Nif­f­eneg­ger, which is prob­a­bly the thick­est book I’ve ever fin­ished read­ing. 518 pages! Con­sid­er­ing how short my atten­tion span is, it was quite an accom­plish­ment. And I picked up the book, oh, only two years ago! :)

Fin­ish­ing that book made me enjoy our most recent vis­it to bar­gain book stores even more. I picked up The Areas of My Exper­tise by John Hodg­man (the PC guy in the Mac ad cam­paign) and Lul­la­bies for Lit­tle Crim­i­nals by Heather O’Neill. I lis­tened to an excerpt from the lat­ter on CBC a while ago and had been on the look­out for it since. Sure I could’ve picked up a copy from Chap­ters or Coles but why pay a major book­store 20-some­thing dol­lars when you can get the book for 5 dol­lars new from a small bar­gain book­store. Troy actu­al­ly got the whole series of Post­Se­cret books from the bar­gain book stores for 6–7 dol­lars each. Those book stores are that awe­some. We real­ly don’t need more books because we already have hun­dreds if not thou­sands of books in our to-be-read piles (well, Troy does any­way) but we just can’t help buy­ing more. I think we may need coun­selling!

Oh, in case you’re won­der­ing about the sto­ry behind the pic­ture above, I took it at the Don­key Sanc­tu­ary of Cana­da yes­ter­day. It was fun to hang out with a bunch of cute don­keys who like to be brushed and to lis­ten to the sto­ry behind each don­key from one of the care­tak­ers. Many of the don­keys are prod­ucts of abu­sive own­ers. I’m so glad that they end­ed up at the sanc­tu­ary where they can live in dig­ni­ty. One of the care­tak­ers has to point out every time that even though the don­keys have big bel­lies, none of them is preg­nant. They just like to eat! :) If you live around Guelph and have noth­ing bet­ter to do on a Sun­day, you should con­sid­er vis­it­ing the sanc­tu­ary. You’ll love it.

By the way, I do hate sum­mer. It’s my least favourite sea­son. Hot weath­er and blood-suck­ing bugs aren’t real­ly my favourite com­bo. Now back to bed for me!

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  2. Actu­al­ly I hate don­keys but you make them look so beau­ti­ful in the pic­tures.
    And yes, I’m with you, I don’t like sum­mer.

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