№ 6 — Hvítserkur, Iceland

Of all the rock for­ma­tions in Ice­land that are said to have been a troll at some point, Hvít­serkur is my favourite. It looks like a 15-meter tall mon­ster ris­ing out of the sea. Pret­ty awe­some. We vis­it­ed it on an unusu­al­ly sun­ny day which hap­pened to be the day of the 8th anniver­sary of our wed­ding. It was high tide when we got there so we couldn’t get clos­er to the rock. It was a beau­ti­ful spot nonethe­less. I loved it and am glad that we found it even though its loca­tions is a bit off the beat­en path.

As we were dri­ving out of the area, we were stopped by a young farmer who explained to us in bro­ken Eng­lish that the road was closed (in actu­al­i­ty, it was blocked by a trac­tor; it was a nar­row, dirt road) because they were try­ing to get a flock of sheep to anoth­er pas­ture across the road. Three peo­ple were involved in the whole ordeal. They looked so frus­trat­ed and the flock of sheep so pan­icky. The whole thing last­ed for about 10 min­utes but I don’t think we would have mind­ed so much if it had last­ed longer because it was actu­al­ly rather enter­tain­ing to watch.

So, if some­one asked me how many Ice­landic farm­ers it takes to get a flock of sheep across the road, I’d con­fi­dent­ly say: it takes three, and a trac­tor.

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