№ 1 — Husavik, Iceland

I’m start­ing a new fea­ture called 100 Places. I’ll post a pic­ture I took of some place and then write a haiku about what I remem­ber about the place. I’ll keep going until there are 100 places in the set. We’ll see if I can keep it up that long.

Husavik boasts itself as the Whale Watch­ing Cap­i­tal of Europe. We had din­ner there at Sal­ka Restau­rant. It was locat­ed right by the har­bour, next to the Whale Muse­um. Ser­vice was slow but the food was tasty. It was one of the two occa­sions where I had rice for din­ner in Ice­land. The oth­er time was at a Fil­ipino restau­rant (yes, you read that right) in West Ice­land.

We found a geo­cache by the Whale Muse­um. The muse­um itself was closed. It was a lit­tle late in the evening after all. 

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