How to Add Quick Props Feature to Your Blog

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I hap­pen to be one of those peo­ple who like the [this is good] fea­ture on Vox. As men­tioned in the Team Vox blog when the fea­ture was released, it was meant to add “the abil­i­ty to tell some­one you like some­thing of theirs, with­out the pres­sure of hav­ing to write a com­ment or think of some­thing clever to say.” Since only a few of you care enough to leave a com­ment every now and then, I thought I’d add a sim­i­lar fea­ture to this blog. If you like any entry I post­ed but don’t real­ly feel like writ­ing a com­ment, just tick the check­box. The word “Fab­u­lous!” will show up in the com­ment box that you can sub­mit to let me know that you enjoyed the post. Of course you can append more text to it. The longer the com­ments, the hap­pi­er I’ll be, but even a nice, one-word com­ment is bet­ter than no com­ments at all. Hence the added fea­ture.

If you’d like to incor­po­rate this quick props fea­ture into your blog, this is the javascript I’m using (if your blog is pow­ered by Mov­able Type, you can just copy and paste the fol­low­ing code into your mt-site.js):

function thisisgood() {
var props = document.getElementById('props');
var text = document.getElementById('text');

if (props.checked==true) {

else {text.value="";}

And this is the HTML for the check­box to incor­po­rate into your com­ment form:

<input type="checkbox" id="props" name="props" value="Fabulous!" onclick="thisisgood()" /> Fabulous!

This code will only work if your check­box id is called “props” and the textarea id is “text”. Oth­er­wise, you’ll have to mod­i­fy it accord­ing­ly. Should be a piece of cake, even if you’re not too famil­iar with javascripts.

Any­way, I just thought I’d share. Hope you find this use­ful!

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  1. Fab­u­lous!
    This is very use­ful! Thank you for shar­ing it :) And would you mind shar­ing your vox account name so I can friend you?

  2. @Lady M: I don’t think you can add this fea­ture to Blog­ger since Blogger’s com­ment form is not cus­tomiz­able. Sor­ry!
    @cindy: My vox account is Feel free to friend me but I don’t update my Vox very often. :)

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