Home is…

My two major plans for the house inte­ri­or have been pret­ty much thwart­ed. Fur­nish­ing the house with Dan­ish Mod­ern fur­ni­ture? No go. Every time we came across a piece of Dan­ish Mod­ern fur­ni­ture, Troy would say either it’s too big or plain ugly. Paint­ing the door and win­dow wood trims white? No go again. But I don’t real­ly mind. I’ve come to a real­iza­tion that all the wood is what gives the house char­ac­ter. Plus, we real­ly hate paint­ing. We found out about it the hard way. Oh, and I real­ly didn’t want to have Troy’s big, ugly, mon­strous shelves any­where in the house, but look what’s stand­ing by the back wall of the din­ing room. None oth­er than the big, ugly, mon­strous shelves! The only one of my plans that actu­al­ly came togeth­er was the plan to have mis­match fur­ni­ture in the liv­ing room because that’s how our liv­ing room is. A liv­ing room with match­ing fur­ni­ture is just too grown-up for my lik­ing.

I’ve accept­ed the fact that the house will nev­er, ever look per­fect like oth­er people’s hous­es in home improve­ment mag­a­zines because (1) we’re not rich and (2) we have way too much crap in our pos­ses­sion. As long as the house feels like home to me instead of like some­one else’s house, I’m hap­py. Hell, I’m hap­py to have a home at all since my old home is no longer. Home to me was the house I grew up with, with my moth­er in it. After my moth­er passed away, it just didn’t feel like home any­more. Now I have a new home. Home is this old house full of books, CDs, DVDs, videogames, and board games, and with Troy in it.

It may sound cliché, but home is indeed where the heart is.

Adden­dum: When I’m feel­ing home­sick, it’s always for the home with my moth­er in it which always makes my home­sick­ness feel worse than it should be because that home I’m long­ing for just doesn’t exist any­more. I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to being away and feel­ing home­sick for this house we’re liv­ing in. (This might hap­pen next month!)

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  1. Per­fect or not, enjoy your new home! Home IS where your heart is. By the way, where are the pic­tures? I am STILL hold­ing my breath…

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