Home in the Making


I wish I could say that those flow­ers are from our gar­den, but sad­ly, they aren’t. We’ve done a lot of weed­ing on our front and back yards and Troy has mowed the yards a cou­ple of times but that’s about all the work we’ve done to our gar­den. Part­ly because the gar­den­ing sea­son is already over, but most­ly because there are always so many things to do inside the house. We’ve been here almost a month but we still have so many box­es to unpack. It’s just that we moved from a one-bed­room apart­ment with two big clos­ets and one small one to a three-bed­room house with three small clos­ets, so stor­age is def­i­nite­ly an issue here. We just don’t know where to put our stuff! You wouldn’t believe the amount of crap we had man­aged to accu­mu­late while liv­ing in such a small space.

Oth­er than that, we love our house. The inte­ri­or is still pret­ty much a work in progress but I think we’re doing a good job. The house already feels nice and homey. It is still messy, but like I said, it’s a work in progress. And we still haven’t had a couch. Troy just ordered one online last night but it won’t be here until next month. It’s the exact couch we’ve been plan­ning on buy­ing since before we moved in. It’s a sleep­er sofa with some stor­age space under­neath. The stor­age part is what sold us on it. God knows we need more stor­age. While we are couch­less, we’ve been perus­ing our rat­ty old loveseat cov­ered by a new slip­cov­er that doesn’t real­ly fit (do they ever?). But it’ll be out of the house in a month so it doesn’t real­ly mat­ter.

We’re plan­ning on hav­ing friends over at our place to enter­tain the next cou­ple of week­ends, which should be fun. We very rarely had peo­ple over when we were still apart­ment-dwellers because we sim­ply had no space to enter­tain more than two peo­ple at a time. Now we have a large deck and a big back­yard to enter­tain friends and fam­i­ly. And a bar­be­cue grill! We just need to make our house less messy and more pre­sentable before the end of the week.

Well, I’ve got to go back to unpack­ing and such. I will even­tu­al­ly put up some before and after pic­tures from around the house to feed your curios­i­ty. But please, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t hold your breath!

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  1. Yay new post­ing! I was about to com­plain again.
    Hey just so you know, I am hold­ing my breath for the pics!

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