Hillside Inside 2009

Troy already wrote an in-depth report of the Hill­side Inside Fes­ti­val we went to this past Sat­ur­day so I’ll just write a short ver­sion, most­ly because I’m lazy. So here goes, in the order of appear­ance:

The D’Urbervilles. Nev­er heard of them before, but they weren’t hor­ri­ble and their stage act was enter­tain­ing.

Great Lake Swimmers at Hillside Inside 2009

Great Lake Swim­mers. One of my favourite Cana­di­an bands, I was thrilled that we got to stand next to the stage! I don’t think their music is the kind of music you’d play in an are­na, though. Their per­for­mance was enjoy­able, but I real­ly feel that they didn’t sound like they should. I’m blam­ing it on the venue.

The Mag­ic. It’s a local Guelph band, appar­ent­ly, and, just like the D’Urbervilles, they weren’t hor­ri­ble. They dressed like a glam rock band and played music with an 80’s vibe. Groovy!

K'naan at Hillside Inside 2009

K’naan. I’ve always enjoyed lis­ten­ing to his first album, The Dusty Foot Philoso­pher, but I hadn’t expect­ed to be blown away by his live per­for­mance. And blown away, I was. He was amaz­ing and his was the best per­for­mance in the whole fes­ti­val, hands down. And I’m not even a big fan of hip hop music. Once again, we got to stand next to the stage, which was awe­some.

Jay Mali­nows­ki. Um, I was too busy try­ing to fig­ure out how to eat my Jamaican Chick­en Cur­ry Roti wrap thingy prop­er­ly to pay atten­tion to his music. All I can say is, that was a very fill­ing din­ner! I wasn’t hun­gry again until we were on our way home close to mid­night.

Bell Orchestre at Hillside Inside 2009

Bell Orchestre. I had no expec­ta­tions since I nev­er heard of them before but they turned up to be quite enjoy­able. They played orches­tral, instru­men­tal rock a la God­speed You Black Emper­or! (if you’re famil­iar with their music) with strings, brass and per­cus­sion. The vio­lin girl had very toned arms!

Thun­der­heist. If I were a teenage par­ty girl, I’d prob­a­bly enjoy their music. They had these fly­girls danc­ing on stage to some of their songs. And there was this fly­boy wannabe danc­ing to their music right in front of where we were sit­ting. He had some pret­ty good moves but still, I had to try hard not to laugh because I’m eas­i­ly amused. Of course Troy had to con­ve­nient­ly go to the wash­room.

Bedouin Sound­clash. The lead vocal was Jay Mali­nows­ki (see num­ber 5). I kind of enjoyed two or three of their songs. But after awhile, I felt like telling to them to play that song from that com­mer­cial already.

That 1 Guy  at Hillside Inside 2009

That 1 Guy. He was a one-man band who played music from var­i­ous gen­res with his mag­ic pipe (and no, I didn’t mean bong). He was enter­tain­ing and his music was enjoy­able, but he also kind of remind­ed me of our dirty neigh­bour across the hall back in Water­loo who liked to play crap­py music out loud every Fri­day night.
Sam Roberts Band. I real­ly, real­ly, REALLY DID NOT ENJOY their music. The hour they played felt like the longest hour ever. I kept pray­ing pleasegodlet­this­betheir­last­song over and over again, but god didn’t lis­ten to me. Sigh.

Stars at Hillside Inside 2009

Stars. By this time, I was already too tired to be enthu­si­as­tic and SO ready to go home. I only knew three of the songs they played. The male vocal dude had a very the­atri­cal stage act. Maybe that’s what they call mak­ing love to the audi­ence? He also kind of remind­ed me of Ben Linus from LOST for some rea­sons. I don’t know why. He wasn’t creepy or any­thing.

All in all, we had a good time. I hope your Sat­ur­day was awe­some, too!

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