Here We Go Again!

Foggy Field

And sud­den­ly, it’s 2012! How long has it been since my last update? Let’s see… Oh, only 3 months. I’ve done worse. What can I say, I’m a crap­py blog­ger. I should’ve stuck to post­ing stu­pid links to my blog instead of try­ing to be all deep and thought­ful and write jour­nal­ly entries that no one gives a crap about. Even I don’t give a crap. But why am I writ­ing this? Um, out of guilt, I guess? The two or three peo­ple who are still read­ing this blog deserve to find some­thing new here every once in a while.

So, since this is my first post of 2012, I should prob­a­bly write about the high­lights of 2011. Well, I became a full-fledged Cana­di­an cit­i­zen in March and vot­ed in my first fed­er­al elec­tion in May. Sad­ly the Con­ser­v­a­tives won a major­i­ty gov­ern­ment this time. And lat­er in the provin­cial elec­tion, the Con­ser­v­a­tives won in our rid­ing so now we’re rep­re­sent­ed by a Tory in the par­lia­ment. Sigh. PEOPLE, Y U NO VOTE?!?

In June, we made it to New­found­land and back. Did a fair amount of hik­ing, ate a lot of fish. I even had a moose burg­er once (good but kind of dry) as well as ice­berg tea (iced tea with chunks of ice­berg in it). I found out that ice­berg doesn’t melt very quick­ly in your mouth (it’s so dense). It was an amaz­ing trip with a lot of moose and some ice­berg sight­ings. Words can’t do it jus­tice. Go there if you can! Don’t wait until you’re old and retired and not fit enough to do a lot of hik­ing! I would love to go back there again some­day.

Right after the trip to New­found­land, we took up a new hob­by, which is geo­caching. Soon I decid­ed that I pre­fer hid­ing geo­caches to try­ing to find them because I’m not a big fan of beat­ing around the bush. When we go geo­caching, I usu­al­ly just observe the area around the ground zero and try to fig­ure out where the geo­cache would be with my mind’s eye. If there are bush­es to beat around, I’ll just sum­mon Troy to do the dirty work. Yes, I’m a princess. But Troy actu­al­ly enjoys beat­ing around the bush so I don’t feel too bad about it.

And the last but not the least high­light is, I final­ly got an Etsy shop up and run­ning. Not only that, I even got peo­ple buy­ing the stuff I was sell­ing! Crazi­ness! I’d thought it would nev­er hap­pen! I sell vin­tage cam­eras (most­ly Polaroids) and expired film on Etsy. It’s enjoy­able. I like sell­ing stuff that I actu­al­ly care about and get­ting to meet cus­tomers who love cam­eras and film pho­tog­ra­phy as much as I do, if not more. Hav­ing a shop also makes our week­end thrift­ing rounds more excit­ing because I have some­thing spe­cif­ic to find as opposed to just thrift­ing for what­ev­er, and when I do find cool cam­eras, I just can’t wait to list them at my shop. Except, of course, I have to pro­cras­ti­nate and now I have a big pile of cam­eras wait­ing to be list­ed. Such is my life.

My plan for this year is to sell a lot of cam­eras and save the mon­ey for a trip to Europe next year. I’ve decid­ed that I want to cel­e­brate my 40th birth­day some­where in Europe. That’s right. I am turn­ing 40 next year. I’m an old lady! Just give me some cats and the pic­ture of me as an old lady would be com­plete. I’ve already got the white, thin­ning hair part cov­ered. So far I’ve only saved enough mon­ey to fly to Ams­ter­dam and back, with Ice­landair. Have you flown with Ice­landair before? I could use some reviews. Their fares are afford­able but I heard the ser­vice is not all that great. But then again, being a bud­get trav­eller, you’ll have to deal with crap­py ser­vice every so often since you get what you pay for, beg­gars can’t be choosers and all that. Still, I’m real­ly excit­ed about this. I’ve even been check­ing a lot for apart­ments to rent. I fig­ured rent­ing an apart­ment would prob­a­bly make for a more enjoy­able trav­el expe­ri­ence than stay­ing in cheap, shady hotels and would cost just about the same.

Oh, and Troy said he’ll take me to Ottawa this sum­mer. Final­ly! I haven’t real­ly felt like a bonafide Cana­di­an cit­i­zen ever since I became one, hav­ing nev­er been to the nation’s cap­i­tal. I would love a road trip to Ottawa, also known as the land of shwar­mas due to the high con­cen­tra­tion of shwar­ma restau­rants in the city. I love me some chick­en shwar­ma for break­fast, lunch and din­ner!

Any­way, we start­ed the new year by being sick with head and chest cold. We’ve been cough­ing like there’s no tomor­row since the begin­ning of the year. At least I have. I so can’t wait to get rid of this cold. So tired of this. You see, I don’t get a cold very often, but when I do, I always get the whole she­bang. Annoy­ing. I’m get­ting bet­ter, though. I don’t cough as much any­more. Hope­ful­ly I’ll be back in tip top shape with­in a week. Fin­gers crossed!

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  1. I’ve flown Ice­landair on my round trip to Ice­land (not that I had much choice) and it seemed fine enough. It’s no lux­u­ry air­line, but no Ryanair either.

    Is the ser­vice to Ams­ter­dam you are con­sid­er­ing the lay­over at Reyk­javík-Keflavík? If you can at all swing it, I would real­ly rec­om­mend see­ing a bit of Ice­land while you’re there. Even half a day, rent a car and dri­ve around. Don’t both­er with the Blue Lagoon tourist trap unless you like pay­ing to sit around, how­ev­er pleas­ant­ly (IMHO); but the land­scapes even on the dri­ve from air­port into Reyk­javík are not some­thing you see every day.

    1. I fig­ured Ice­landair is no lux­u­ry air­line, con­sid­er­ing how much they charge. Though my main con­cern is most­ly in terms of delays. I hate wait­ing! Not too con­cerned about in-flight ser­vice.

      I am con­sid­er­ing spend­ing a cou­ple of nights in Ice­land before fly­ing to the main­land. If any­thing, it would be nice to have a pro­longed break between flights. Now how mis­er­able Ice­land is going to be in April is anoth­er sto­ry. North­ern New­found­land is pret­ty mis­er­able in June!

      1. On the cli­mate side, Ice­land in April shouldn’t be bad — tem­per­a­ture just above zero, decent sun­shine hours on aver­age. Days are already longish with sun­rise around 06:15 and sun­set around 20:45 by April 10. On the weath­er side, it’s obvi­ous­ly dif­fi­cult to pre­dict. As a pret­ty tiny island in the mid­dle of an ocean it can vary a lot from day to day, you might end up with nice sun­shine or you can end up with wind and rain and fog. But I think make sure you have a good wind/rainproof coat and it should be bear­able.

        I didn’t find Ice­landair that bud­gety — the expe­ri­ence was com­pa­ra­ble with the time I flew Air Cana­da. It’s a flag car­ri­er so it’ll prob­a­bly be slight­ly bet­ter that the aver­age air­line at the price point. I haven’t had any delays when I flew in May/June — they do fly through­out the win­ter, so I expect they shouldn’t have major prob­lems in April. What vol­canos might do is anyone’s guess, though…

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