Happy New Year!

Winter Fog

I prob­a­bly should’ve wished you a hap­py new year with yesterday’s post but the day was kind of blah (as in grey and snowy) yes­ter­day it just didn’t feel appro­pri­ate. Today, how­ev­er, is sun­ny and the sky is blue. The kind of day you’d wish oth­er peo­ple good things and real­ly mean it, so hap­py new year, every­one!

So, I have plans for this year. I’d rather call it plans instead of res­o­lu­tions because it’s okay for plans to fall through while res­o­lu­tions you have to keep or you’ll feel bad oth­er­wise. I don’t have too many plans at the moment since I’m one of those plan-as-I-go peo­ple but as of now I have plans to (in no par­tic­u­lar order):

  • shoot more with film cam­eras, espe­cial­ly now that I’m a proud own­er of a beau­ti­ful Has­sel­blad 500C/M medi­um for­mat SLR cam­era;
  • get at least one more A12 film back for the Has­sel­blad;
  • get a man­u­al Canon 35mm film cam­era (Canon AE-1 or A-1) that works (my ancient Canon FTb doesn’t work too well) with a f/1.2 or f/1.4 lens or find a fast M-42 lens for my Pen­tax and Prak­ti­ca SLR cam­eras;
  • do some research on rent­ing space to do a solo show (if I feel con­fi­dent enough, unless some­one is gen­er­ous enough to pro­vide free space for my solo show *hint, hint*); 
  • learn how to use my brand new Sig­ma 10–20mm f/4–5.6 EX DC ultra wide angle lens prop­er­ly with my year-old Canon Rebel XTi (thank God for gen­er­ous hus­bands);
  • decide which cam­eras to bring to our trip to the Cana­di­an Mar­itimes ahead of time instead of the day before the trip;
  • enjoy the beau­ti­ful views dur­ing the trip instead of after the trip while brows­ing the pic­tures from it;
  • call my fam­i­ly back in Indone­sia at least once a month (I real­ly suck at keep­ing in touch);
  • go to more music con­certs;
  • redesign this blog.

Wow. I didn’t know I had that many plans. I think I’ve already had enough plans to last me a whole year! I was going to add “have less night­mares” to the list but sad­ly I have no con­trol over my dreams. Last night I had a night­mare in which I was back in high school. It was hor­ri­ble. I tru­ly hat­ed high school. I’ve nev­er felt more invis­i­ble than I was back in high school. So many super­fi­cial rich brats. They were worse than zom­bies! At least zom­bies would notice peo­ple who had brain. Heh. I know, bad joke.

Hap­py new year once again!

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  1. I can some­times think of hap­py things I want to dream about before I sleep, and they usu­al­ly come true! or else I just make myself dead tired so I won’t dream at all :)

  2. Found your blog while brows­ing the blogrolling top 500.
    Real­ly good site you’ve got here, some excel­lent pho­tos. Have anoth­er link from me and climb from 259th to 258th!
    Make sure you keep that res­o­lu­tion to see more music con­certs.

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