Happy Friday the 13th!

Happy Birthday, Emir!
Unlucky day, you say? Well, my cute lit­tle nephew in Indone­sia turns 4 years old today. That can’t be unlucky. I want to call him and wish him a hap­py birth­day but I’m wor­ried my dad would be on the oth­er line (my dad and I just can’t have a prop­er con­ver­sa­tion, to put it sim­ply) so I’ll just blow my hap­py birth­day wish to him into the wind and hope that it’ll car­ry it to his dream tonight. It is already late where he is right now any­way. His birth­day is almost over. I hope he’s hav­ing a good one.
To the rest of you, have a hap­py-go-lucky day!

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