Happy Friday the 13th (Again)!

Floating Doll

If you went to Port Dover, Ontario today, you’d be able to see tonnes of bik­ers and their big bikes. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to see some naked bik­er chicks, but the first and only time I went to the Port Dover’s Fri­day the 13th thingy, I didn’t see any naked bik­er chicks. Only some real­ly drunk ones.

Any­way, Troy had to go to Ken­tucky two days ago for work. He was only away for one night, but by gosh, I missed him so much! Maybe it was because the trip was on a very short notice, my brain just wasn’t pre­pared for not hav­ing him around. But he was back last night, just after mid­night, on a Fri­day the 13th, and as he walked in, I couldn’t stop grin­ning like a fool. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Oh, there’s a weird sto­ry about the night when Troy was away. I smelled my mum in the apart­ment. She might have died for four years but I could and would nev­er for­get her smell; the smell that gave me com­fort for many years. Did I freak out? Not at all! I just looked around and smile. If it was real­ly my mum check­ing me out, I’d con­sid­er it a good thing. She’d prob­a­bly hate to see how messy this apart­ment is (she was a neat freak), but at least she’d be able to see that I’m hap­py and loved. All she’d ever want­ed was for me to be hap­py. The night before that night, I had a dream about her. We were trav­el­ling togeth­er and we were just head­ing up to Paris, France when I woke up.

July has always been the hard­est month of the year for me ever since my mum died. You see, every month my brain would recall all the mem­o­ries of the most dis­tinc­tive events from that month in my life. Like in May, I’d be all excit­ed about our wed­ding anniver­sary and would relive every wed­ding-relat­ed thing we did that month in 2005. July just hap­pens to be the month lead­ing to my mum’s death. Not a hap­py month at all, but I’ve been keep­ing my mind busy on oth­er things. I haven’t cried at all.

At least there is one good thing I’d be able to recall in the July of the com­ing years: my very first art show! It’s noth­ing major since I only have two pic­tures in it and it’s all for char­i­ty but I’m excit­ed about it nonethe­less. The pho­tog­ra­phy goal I set for myself this year was to par­tic­i­pate in at least one show. I’ve scored my goal. Next year’s goal would be a solo show. Can’t see it hap­pen­ing right now, but next year, you’ll nev­er know!

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  1. Hiya!
    I’ve been a long time read­er but rarely have the nerve to leave a com­ment. I was just won­der­ing if you were going to do the Blo­gath­on this year.
    And no, I’m not here to beg for a spon­sor­ship. :)

  2. if I may ask, how long have you been able to smell dead peo­ple? I find this to be a dis­turb­ing abil­i­ty and do not envy you in the least.

  3. Heh. That was the only time I ever smelt my mum ever since she passed away and I’ve nev­er smelt any oth­er deceased friends/relatives. Not that I know of any­way. I wouldn’t recog­nise their smells if I did so who knows.

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