Happy By The Sea

I’m an island girl. I was born and raised on an island. I like to think that is the rea­son why I’m the hap­pi­est when I’m by the sea but that wouldn’t be true. Back when I was liv­ing on the island of Java in Indone­sia, I’d be lucky if I got to be at the sea­side once a year. At least in my adult life. And I wasn’t hap­py. Maybe I just didn’t see the sea enough.

My par­ents did take us to the beach and the sea­side open-air fish mar­ket fair­ly often when we were kids. Man, that fish mar­ket was stinky! But we got to see a lot of inter­est­ing sea crea­tures albeit in a less than alive state. You know, crea­tures like big tuna. Big tuna does look pret­ty impres­sive for lit­tle kids (par­ents, take notes!). Maybe it has some­thing to do with the good mem­o­ries I have from such out­ings? I don’t know. There is some­thing about the sea that makes me feel so free and hap­py.

Let me show you a few of my most favourite pic­tures ever from some of the hap­pi­est moments of my life.

Honeymoon (2005)
Bay of Fundy (2005)

The pic­ture above was tak­en on the fer­ry between Saint John, New Brunswick and Dig­by, Nova Sco­tia on our hon­ey­moon in 2005. We were cross­ing the Bay of Fundy. The weath­er wasn’t the great­est. It was driz­zly and a lit­tle cold, but I was as hap­py as I could be. And look how young we look! So young and so in love. Awww… And I was at the sea!

Ship's Cove (2011)
Ship Cove, New­found­land (2011)

We were in the North­ern Penin­su­la of the island of New­found­land in 2011. I want­ed to go up a hill in Ship Cove, not too far from the cot­tage where we were stay­ing, so my hus­band drove us there. The weath­er was mis­er­able and cold (see the pat­tern there?) but when we got there, a yap­py and wet lit­tle dog came up to me, so I gave him a lit­tle pet, then he fart­ed and ran up to the edge of a cliff to pee. To quote Aunt Mathilde from the movie A Very Long Engage­ment: “Dog­gie fart, glad­dens my heart.” ;-) And yes, I was right by the ocean, in case you haven’t guessed.

Hvitserkur, Iceland (2013)
Hvit­serkur, Ice­land (2013)

This was tak­en on the day of our 8th anniver­sary. It was a glo­ri­ous morn­ing. The sun was shin­ing, and I was in frickin’ Ice­land with my love! And we found this rock that looks like a troll by the ocean! How could I not be hap­py? I mean, seri­ous­ly.

In con­clu­sion, the ulti­mate for­mu­la for an ulti­mate­ly hap­py Fir­da is this: 

(Trav­el + Sea + Hus­band) = Hap­py Fir­da

Every­thing else is option­al.

Hap­py Inter­na­tion­al Day of Hap­pi­ness, every­one!

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