Happy Birthday, Dear Me!


For some rea­sons, the pic­ture above was sit­ting at #2 on Flickr’s Inter­est­ing­ness thingy for April 6 last time I checked. Weird, since it’s not real­ly my most favourite pic­ture from the roll I shot that day. Still, it’s good to know that peo­ple like it. Any­way, since I have no pic­ture of birth­day can­dles, this pic­ture of camp­fire will have to do it for today. :) Hell, I’m 33 today. Too old for birth­day can­dles. *sniff*

My birth­days always make me think of my mum. I think the per­son who deserve all the birth­day wish­es and presents would be her since she did all the hard work deliv­er­ing me. All I did was pop­ping out. I just wish I’d realised that before she passed away. But I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me get­ting all the cred­its for all her hard work. :) I hope she’s cel­e­brat­ing it from wher­ev­er she is. But dude, if it’s your birth­day, go take your moth­er out for din­ner or some­thing!

I don’t know if I’ve told you the sto­ry about my deliv­ery. I was born at 00:58 in Jakar­ta, Indone­sia. It wasn’t an easy birth. The doc­tor had to keep giv­ing my mum shots that part of her thigh end­ed up becom­ing numb per­ma­nent­ly. And some­time dur­ing the deliv­er­ance, the pow­er went out. No elec­tric­i­ty at the clin­ic. I like to think that’s how my skin got so dark. Ha! It’s also prob­a­bly the rea­son I look pissed in all my baby pho­tos. *grins* Yup, I was dif­fi­cult to deliv­er and I grew up to be a dif­fi­cult per­son. Yay! All the dif­fi­cult peo­ple of the world unite and take over the world! Or some­thing.

Oh, and Troy did be a dar­ling and give me more presents. I woke up to find a cute, hand­made birth­day card he was strug­gling to make only last night, a large chang­ing bag, and gift card from a pho­tog­ra­phy sup­ply store sit­ting on the com­put­er chair. Yippee! Now all I have to do is buy some pho­to chem­i­cals with the gift card and I’ll be able to do my own black and white film devel­op­ing! So excit­ed!

And what’s a birth­day with­out music? I’ve uploaded a cou­ple of hap­py songs from Jens Lek­man called “Hap­py Birth­day, Dear Friend Lisa” and “A Lover’s Con­cer­to (live)” from our col­lec­tion that you can down­load if you’re inter­est­ed. And of course, you can always sing me or wish me a hap­py birth­day with your own voice. Just click the but­ton below. C’mon, you know you want to! ;)

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  1. Hap­py Birth­day, Fir­da! Just redis­cov­ered your blog after run­ning into your flickr pho­to­stream. Just added you as a flickr con­tact, actu­al­ly. Now I’ve got to sub­scribe to your feed too! ;) You know, it’s nev­er easy say­ing that to a fel­low blogger/flickrite with­out wor­ry­ing about com­ing across as creepy. “Hey! I am now going to read about your life and look at the accom­pa­ny­ing visu­al doc­u­men­ta­tion!”
    In all seri­ous­ness, I want­ed to let you know that the Inter­net (well, at least me!) appre­ci­ates your shar­ing of cre­ativ­i­ty. It’s love­ly and refresh­ing.
    Have a love­ly day!

  2. The hap­pi­est of birth­days to you, Fir­da!
    (though I must say you are liv­ing very dan­ger­ous­ly to have put that “leave me a voice mes­sage” link there… I was very close to click­ing on it and singing to you, and trust me when I say that you don’t want a mes­sage like that!!) :-)

  3. Hap­py Birth­day Fir­da! Thank good­ness for you and Troy’s blogs or we would be total­ly dis­con­nect­ed over here…Cause email is just too slow (and we’re too lazy) — but we do think of you both often. Give yer hus­band a big hug from both of us too!

  4. Sor­ry, I didn’t sing “Hap­py Birth­day” I sim­ply left a mes­sage. I can’t real­ly sing quite yet. Get­ting over strep throat. Oh that reminds me, I for­got to take my med­i­cine.

  5. I don’t know how I missed see­ing this post ear­li­er, but I did.
    A belat­ed, but sin­cere, Hap­py Birth­day too you.
    My apolo­gies on being very late with these good wish­es.

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