Our poor lit­tle car Syd (short for Six Years in Debt) got rear-end­ed ear­li­er this week and since it had had so much mileage in it (Troy trav­els a lot for work and we like to take long dri­ves), the insur­ance com­pa­ny decid­ed to con­sid­er it a loss rather than pay­ing to have it fixed.

Say­ing good­bye to Syd was kind of sad. It might not be the great­est car in the world but it was a good lit­tle car. It nev­er caused us any major prob­lems. Just minor things here and there and that’s all. It took us all the way out East on our hon­ey­moon and back with­out a hitch. It also took us on count­less road trips, long and short, fun and not so. I didn’t know that the day Syd took us home safe­ly from Guelph in the mid­dle of a bliz­zard two Sat­ur­days ago would be my last ride with it.

We bagged up stuff from Syd one cold Thurs­day after­noon and it some­how remind­ed me of the time I packed up my mother’s things at the hos­pi­tal after she passed away. Syd wouldn’t even start when Troy tried to move it a lit­tle. It was so much like vis­it­ing a dying fam­i­ly mem­ber. It was sad. I didn’t cry or any­thing, but it was still sad. Syd went to car heav­en the next day. Good­bye, Syd! You were a good car.

I heard from from one of my broth­ers in Indone­sia this morn­ing that our old, faith­ful, house­hold helper passed away yes­ter­day. She served our house­hold for many, many years. Even though she was nev­er a live-in helper like most Indone­sian house­hold helpers, she was loy­al to my moth­er to a fault. After my moth­er died, she refused to serve our house­hold any­more. Her loy­al­ty belonged to my moth­er, not the fam­i­ly.

I always thought I would bump into her some­how when I go back to Indone­sia for a vis­it some­day, but I guess it’s not meant to be. I’ll always fond­ly remem­ber her as the mak­er of the best Sam­bal Tempe Bakar I’ve ever had.

Good­bye, Yu Ranti! So long and thanks for every­thing you had ever done for us, and espe­cial­ly for my mum near the end of her life.

I hate good­byes.

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