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When we were kids, our par­ents used to take my broth­ers and I to a book store once a month, on the 5th. They would give each of us Rp. 2,500 to spend on books. We had so many books that we used to lend them to peo­ple in our neigh­bour­hood for a small amount of mon­ey. The mon­ey we got from the book lend­ing would go into buy­ing more books. Sad­ly some of our cus­tomers were either too lazy to return the books or sim­ply had no plan of return­ing the books. After awhile, we had to stop our book lend­ing oper­a­tion because our book col­lec­tion was get­ting small­er and small­er. Soon my broth­ers lost inter­est in read­ing and I was the only one who remained a read­er among the three of us. When I was in mid­dle school, my moth­er start­ed bring­ing books in Eng­lish from her work library for me to read. My Eng­lish improved great­ly because of it.

I don’t remem­ber exact­ly when I stopped read­ing. I think it might be around the time I got an Inter­net access at home, some 10 years ago. My spend­ing mon­ey was spent on the crap­py dial-up con­nec­tion, leav­ing next to noth­ing for any­thing else. And then after the Ref­or­ma­tion, book prices were soar­ing. I only start­ed read­ing again after my moth­er passed away because some of my love­ly blog read­ers were kind enough to buy me books off my Ama­zon wish­list. Now that I’m mar­ried to a book addict and liv­ing in an apart­ment full of books, I read a lot, but in spurts. Last week there was a day when I fin­ished read­ing 3 books in one day and there were days when I didn’t read any book at all. But still, com­pared to last year, I’ve read a lot of books this year. We’ve also found a cou­ple of bar­gain book stores out­side town that sell new books — even best­sellers — for $5 each, which is awe­some.

I’ve been list­ing books that I’ve read and that I’m cur­rent­ly read­ing at Good Reads. If you read a lot or at all, please sign up (if you haven’t done so already) and add me as a friend. I’m always open for book rec­om­men­da­tions. I read most­ly fic­tion, and I try not to read chick lit if I can help it (some­times I just can’t). I’m not a big fan of sci-fi and fan­ta­sy (I don’t read Har­ry Pot­ter). I love read­ing young-adult fic­tion. Com­ing of age is always an inter­est­ing sub­ject mat­ter to read about.

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  1. I just find Good Reads’s design and user inter­face more appeal­ing than Library Thing’s. Thanks any­way for your rec­om­men­da­tion.

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