Getting Cultured

Bird Bath

I had high hopes when we went to see West Side Sto­ry last Sat­ur­day since all the reviews I read about the show had been good. Some­one who had seen a Broad­way ver­sion even said it was bet­ter than Broad­way. So yeah, I had high hopes. Sad­ly, it didn’t deliv­er. I don’t know if we were there on an off night or the casts were already burnt out since it was close to the end of the sea­son, but it was just flat and soul­less. I didn’t care about any of the char­ac­ters. They sim­ply couldn’t make me care, When one of the main char­ac­ters, Tony, died in the cli­max, I felt noth­ing. I was so dis­ap­point­ed.

We still have one more play to see before the the­atre sea­son ends for the year: A Fun­ny Thing Hap­pened On The Way To The Forum. The reviews have been great. This one had bet­ter deliv­er.

We saw the actor who played Tony din­ing alone at our favourite din­er one night. Wasn’t real­ly how or where I’d expect­ed to see him off the stage. He should’ve been din­ing some­where in a more upbeat restau­rant with a bunch of actor friends. But there he was. Din­ing alone.

I’m sur­prised you didn’t throw your­self at Tony when you saw him at the restau­rant. Oh wait, you’re already in love with Bru­tus.”

Yeah. True. Besides, Bru­tus is com­ing back next year! Tony isn’t.”

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