Garage Sale Pet Peeves


Wow, it’s been more than a week since I last updat­ed the wee blog! Yet I don’t real­ly have much to report even though we’ve been busy doing stuff. Just don’t think any­one would find the stuff we do very inter­est­ing. Unless you’re real­ly into: (1) garage sales; (2) cam­eras; (3) watch­ing Canada’s Worst Handy­man. But you’re not real­ly, are you? What? You’re actu­al­ly into going to garage sales? Alright! Let’s talk about it then.

So, garage sales. Don’t you just hate it when peo­ple have a garage sale and put high price tags on their crap? Those are things you don’t want any­more that you’re try­ing to sell, peo­ple! Price every­thing accord­ing­ly. No one wants to pay $50 for your crap­py 1.8MP dig­i­tal cam­era, espe­cial­ly when it doesn’t come with the box, cables, dri­ver, and man­u­al. We paid $5 recent­ly for a Kodak box film cam­era, but at least it was antique. Dig­i­tal cam­eras, unfor­tu­nate­ly, don’t go into the antique cat­e­go­ry yet. Wait for 25–30 more years and try again.

Anoth­er thing I hate is when peo­ple don’t put price labels on their crap. Make some effort, peo­ple! We are more will­ing to buy your crap when it is priced prop­er­ly (and rea­son­ably). It’s also less annoy­ing for us because we won’t have to hear you quot­ing the price with­out being asked every time we touch every sin­gle junk you have out for sale.

And please, don’t sell toys that your kids obvi­ous­ly still love. It makes us feel bad and it makes you look bad. Also, before let­ting your kids sell lemon­ade dur­ing your garage sale event, please teach them the con­cept of change. If you can’t be both­ered to do that, please put up a sign that says “cor­rect change only, please”. Hav­ing to spend two dol­lars on a tiny cup of lemon­ade that’s priced 50 cents because your kids think every coin is a 50 cent coin is extrav­a­gant. And we need all the change we have to buy your crap.

And last but not least, please don’t be a jerk and do take down your garage sale signs as soon as you’re done with it. Hav­ing to dri­ve for miles for a garage sale that’s already over is a waste of gas, and you know how expen­sive gas is these days.

Now it’s your turn to share your garage sale pet peeves, or to agree/disagree with me in the com­ments! :)

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