The Game of Thrones Tour of North Iceland

We did the Game of Thrones tour by acci­dent. We didn’t realise that the places we were vis­it­ing were some of the spots where they filmed the episodes Beyond the Wall in the Sea­son 3 of Game of Thrones. Only found out about it once we were back from Ice­land.

There are a few tour com­pa­nies that offer the Game of Thrones guid­ed tour in North Ice­land for a fee, but if you wish to do a self-drive/self-guided tour, all you have to do is pick up a copy of the Lake Myvatn attrac­tions brochure from the vis­i­tor cen­tre or the front desk of your hotel and vis­it the major attrac­tions list­ed there. You’ll find your­self in most of the Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall film­ing loca­tions!

We start­ed the day with a hearty break­fast at Vogafjoss Restau­rant. We stayed at a cab­in owned by the same folks who owned the restau­rant the night before, so the break­fast was free for us, or rather, includ­ed. The restau­rant shared a build­ing with a cow pen, sep­a­rat­ed by a wall with glass win­dows, through which we could see the cows. Lat­er I learned that the restau­rant was a favourite among the Game of Thrones film­ing crew.

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After break­fast, we drove to Grjo­tag­ja, a small lava cave with a ther­mal spring inside. This is the cave where Jon Snow and Ygritte had some sexy time. *wink, wink* My hus­band took the pic­ture below because I was being a chick­en and was too scared to go down into the cave. There was a warn­ing sign out­side the cave say­ing that rocks had been falling off the cave, and, to be hon­est, being buried alive in a cave wasn’t part of my vaca­tion plan.

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Then we decid­ed that it would be a good idea to climb a moun­tain while it was still bright and ear­ly, so we climbed a near­by moun­tain, Hver­fell. The climb was way too steep for my lik­ing. I was curs­ing Sig­ur Rós all the way up for lur­ing me into their coun­try and mak­ing me climb the damn moun­tain. When we got to the top, I thought at least we’d see an inter­est­ing crater, but what we actu­al­ly saw was rather under­whelm­ing. It was just a big pile of vol­canic ash.

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Hver­fell appeared in the back­ground of some of the Beyond the Wall scenes. I only got one shot of the moun­tain from afar and it’s not the great­est but hey, it’s bet­ter than noth­ing!

P1170814 (Medium)

Dim­mubor­gir is a lava field area with inter­est­ing lava rock for­ma­tions. This is the area where the Wildlings made camp. We didn’t get to see much of this area because many of the trails were still closed for the sea­son.

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Most of the scenes with Jon Snow and the Wildlings were shot in an area by Lake Myvatn called Höfði. It’s a beau­ti­ful area with a very dis­tinct, rocky land­scape. We had a nice walk there along the lake and through a small for­est, spot­ting inter­est­ing water­fowls, until it start­ed rain­ing. And then it just got a lit­tle less pleas­ant.

P1170818 (Medium)

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One of the largest and most pop­u­lar water­falls in Ice­land, Goðafoss, was also part of the Wildling coun­try scener­ies. When we got there, my hus­band went straight to busi­ness search­ing for a geo­cache while I went straight to busi­ness tak­ing pic­tures. I kept mov­ing clos­er and clos­er to the edge to get a bet­ter shot of the falls, until I found myself so close to the edge that I freaked myself out.

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The day before we vis­it­ed all the spots above, we went to Námaf­jall, which is a geot­her­mal area with fumaroles, boil­ing mud pools and mud pots. I read that they used the steam ris­ing out of this area to fake a bliz­zard in a bliz­zard scene.

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The fol­low­ing video has Game of Thrones pro­duc­er Chris New­man talk about film­ing the show in Ice­land and the Beyond The Wall tour. It’s pret­ty inter­est­ing. You can see some of the places we vis­it­ed in it.

Hope you enjoyed this vir­tu­al tour! :-)

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  2. That was a real­ly inter­est­ing and con­cise trav­el log, many thanks for tak­ing the time to share it. I’m plan­ning to go there next May from U.K., which is how I came across this.

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