Fun with Igloos

I kept ask­ing Troy if there was any places in Cana­da offer­ing igloo build­ing cours­es, because if there was, I’d like to sign up. He just thought I was weird. So I decid­ed to search for igloo build­ing cours­es on Google today and found that there are at least two com­pa­nies in Cana­da offer­ing an igloo build­ing course (among oth­ers). It’s kind of expen­sive, though. Maybe I should just take the self-taught route and try to build one with a buck­et this win­ter.

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  1. Fab­u­lous!
    it’s so cute! i mean the igloo built with a buck­et…
    btw, can we just build a huge pile of snow(
    which is rather easy and requires no spe­cif­ic tool), in the shape of igloo, and then dig a large hole in it? haha

  2. Fun­ny as it is I was dri­ving down Uni­ver­si­ty St in Water­loo, Ontario a cou­ple years back and there on the front lawn of some­ones house was a full size igloo!!!! I couldn’t resist I had to go in! Fun­ny enough there was a beer cool­er in there with a cou­ple of lawn chairs. I was a lit­tle con­fused with the cool­er as it was the mid­dle of win­ter, maybe it was meant to keep the beer from freez­ing, if that is pos­si­ble?? Unfor­tu­nate­ly, no beer, but one cool igloo!

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