Warmth in Coldness

For some rea­sons, I keep for­get­ting that Advil doesn’t work on an emp­ty stom­ach. At least not in my case. I popped two this morn­ing but it didn’t do any­thing so I spent hours feel­ing crap­py. I kept telling myself to go grab a banana, but I was too stub­born to sub­mit, most­ly because I didn’t now why I should. I wasn’t real­ly super hun­gry. About 10 min­utes ago, I final­ly felt hun­gry enough to have some­thing to eat so I had a banana and felt a lit­tle bet­ter almost instant­ly. Doh! Had I remem­bered, I would’ve had the stu­pid banana hours ago. Any­way, my body’s been hat­ing me all week. I hope I won’t get sick for real. I hate being sick. But then again, who doesn’t.
In oth­er news, I signed up and joined the CSS Reboot yes­ter­day, mean­ing I have until May 1 to pro­cras­ti­nate come up with a new design for this site, mean­ing even if I did come up with a new design in a cou­ple of days (which I doubt), it wouldn’t be up until May 1. Patience, grasshop­per!

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