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About two weeks ago, Troy and I opened a new bank/saving account just for the pur­pose of sav­ing up for a dig­i­tal SLR cam­era. The guy who was open­ing the account for us was a bald guy who kind of remind­ed me of Howie Man­del. Appar­ent­ly he hadn’t met too many mar­ried cou­ples where the wife keeps her maid­en name because he didn’t know whether to put a Mrs. or a Ms. in front of my name. Troy want­ed the Mrs. I want­ed the Ms. I won. Yay. Lat­er I asked Troy if I was the only one expect­ing the guy to say “Deal, or no deal?” when our account was ready. Turns out I was the only one.

So far, we’ve only got about one-sixth of the mon­ey we need to buy the cam­era in our account. Kind of sad, if you ask me. I wish I made thou­sands of dol­lars a day with my Google AdSense. Then we wouldn’t have to wait six months to buy the cam­era. Alas, no such luck. But that’s where all my Google cheques are going from now on. Towards the cam­era. Dona­tions are always wel­come, by the way. Hehe. I know, I’m shame­less.

In case you’re won­der­ing, we’ve decid­ed that we’re going to buy the Canon Dig­i­tal Rebel XTi instead of the seem­ing­ly supe­ri­or Pen­tax K10D because we now have more Canon EF lens­es than Pen­tax lens­es in our poses­sion. We picked up three Canon EF lens­es and a non-func­tion­ing Canon EOS 650 (plus fil­ters, a Canon Speedlite flash and oth­er acces­sories) from a thrift store a cou­ple of weeks back for a good price. We only bought the whole thing for the lens­es, real­ly. We got a nor­mal lens, a 50mm lens that I know I’m going to use a lot, and a tele lens that Troy loves, in addi­tion to anoth­er nor­mal lens that comes with our Canon Rebel XS (a 35mm film cam­era) that we got from a garage sale. We don’t have much mon­ey to spend on pho­to equip­ments so thrift stores and garage sales are the way to go. So far, we haven’t been dis­ap­point­ed.

Wish us luck in our endeav­our! :)

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  1. Per­son 1: Ya! Dona­tions would be fan­tas­tic :)
    Per­son 2: Yeah that’s a great idea! Let’s all donate.
    Per­son 3: It real­ly is going to a good cause.
    Throng of Peo­ple: Yeah!! Donate! Donate! :)

  2. I’m con­sid­er­ing the Pen­tax K10D or K100D. I like hav­ing an image sta­bi­liz­er. It’s saved many a shot with my oth­er cam­eras.
    I’ll prob­a­bly still shoot most of my pho­tos with my lit­tle Canon SD 700 IS because I always have it with me.
    You also have incred­i­ble luck at buy­ing stuff from garage sales and thrift shops.

  3. Har­ris: Well when you go to as many thrift stores as Fir­da and I do you get lucky some­times. Actu­al­ly the 35mm Rebel XT we bought at a garage sale was “bro­ken”, or at least the peo­ple sell­ing it thought it was bro­ken. A cou­ple of months after buy­ing it (and real­iz­ing that “ser­vic­ing” the cam­era would cost more than the cam­era was worth) I was play­ing around with the shut­ter (which was the only thing screwed up) and some how realigned the lit­tle pieces of shut­ter met­al and fixed it.
    I’m plan­ning on fid­dling around with the Rebel EOS to see if I can do the same thing, though in this case the shut­ter works, it’s just sticky. I doubt I will be able to do any­thing for it.

  4. Good luck Fir­da! I just recent­ly pur­chased one myself after 2 years worth of sav­ing up, you’ll get there. Plus it’s a good thing you have the acces­sories, I’m start­ing to save up for the acces­sories now but I think it’ll take a while.

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