Firda’s Birthday Gift Guide

Since today is exact­ly a month before my birth­day, I spent some time brows­ing the web, try­ing to find some­thing I want for my birth­day. Who knew that it was going to be tough. All I could find was these two items:

  1. Sci­ence Is Awe­some! t-shirt, because sci­ence is awe­some and I believe it. I wouldn’t want to be wear­ing a shirt boast­ing some­thing that I don’t believe in. Also, I love the rock­et draw­ing on it.
  2. Peb­ble E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android, which is, like, the coolest watch ever and which I want­ed to back on Kick­starter way back when but alas, I didn’t have a cred­it card handy. I would’ve been able to pur­chase one for, like, $50 less if I had been one of the back­ers. Any­way, this is still on pre-order but I can wait. Hint, hint!

My hus­band already told me that I’m get­ting nuthin’ for my birth­day because the Ice­land trip is my birth­day present (though I’m pret­ty sure he mum­bled some­thing that sounds like a yes when I asked him if he’d buy me the t-shirt for my birth­day), but if you want to help me cel­e­brate my turn­ing big four-oh, I wouldn’t mind get­ting the Peb­ble watch in every colour avail­able, please and thank you. ;-)

(In all seri­ous­ness, if I could just play my favourite board game Pow­er Grid all day and eat a lot of sushi on my birth­day, I’d be hap­py as a clam. Though I’m not sure how you can tell if a clam is hap­py. I think clams are a pret­ty emo­tion­less being. But I digress.)

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