Feeling Under the Weather

Lonely Road
I haven't been feeling well for a week or so. Must've caught a stomach bug or something. I decided to go on a strict fruit and low-fat/low-cholesterol diet to try to eliminate the problem. I'm feeling better now (here's hoping I don't jinx it by blogging about it), i.e. no more bloating, and the best thing is, I've lost at least 15 lbs.! I do need to lose weight badly so I don't really mind it. In fact, I quite welcome it.
I think I'm going to continue with this diet, even when I'm back in my tip top shape. I'm not a big fan of vegetables (though I eat more vegetables now than I did, say, two years ago) but I LOVE fruits. And really, now that I'm in Canada, food is not really all that tempting compared to when I was still in Indonesia. Why? Because there is no Indonesian food around unless I cook it myself, while in Indonesia, delicious Indonesian food can be had easily and cheaply from street vendors who deliver the food right to your doorstep. Not a big fan of North American/European food here. Sorry! :P And God knows I only cook because I have to.


  1. Rhea
    November 9, 2006

    A fruit diet, inter­est­ing. Curi­ous, what do you do for pro­tein?

  2. Firda
    November 9, 2006

    I get pro­tein from low-fat yogurt and skin­less chick­en (grilled or roast­ed). I don’t just eat fruit all the time. So I guess it’s not real­ly a strict diet, eh? :)


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