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I’ve been col­lect­ing fab­ric for awhile because, well, I appre­ci­ate good design and some fab­ric have real­ly good designs. Since my source for fab­ric is thrift stores, they’re rel­a­tive­ly cheap, too. I’d also been buy­ing fab­ric because I fig­ured I’d get a sewing machine soon­er or lat­er and when that hap­pened, it would be cool if I already had fab­ric I could cut up and sew and turn into love­ly stuff.

So I got a sewing machine for Christ­mas. It’s just a basic, Broth­er sewing machine, noth­ing fan­cy. But now that I’ve got a sewing machine, I can’t bring myself to cut the fab­ric! They are so pret­ty! How could I cut them into pieces? I know it doesn’t make sense and that once they’ve turned into many love­ly stuff, I’ll still be able to enjoy the pret­ti­ness of the fab­ric any­way, but not mak­ing sense is like my mid­dle name. I’ll get over it, even­tu­al­ly.

I think my first sewing project shall be cush­ion cov­ers because we have two cheapo cush­ions on the couch that could use some pret­ti­fy­ing. I’ve found a tuto­r­i­al at Sewing Repub­lic that seems easy to fol­low. After that, I’ll learn to make a zip­pered pouch even though sewing zip­per seems rather daunt­ing. But man, I real­ly wish I didn’t have to cut up my love­ly fab­ric col­lec­tion to make stuff!

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  1. I like to make quilts. I have a friend of mine who makes fun of me — she always asks why I cut up my mate­r­i­al just to sew it all back togeth­er again :D

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