Exciting Times Ahead!

The Annual Dandelion Shot

I packed up four cam­eras and half a dozen rolls of film before we went up to the cot­tage last week­end and guess how many rolls I shot? One. Or I should say two-third of a roll because I didn’t even fin­ish shoot­ing it. I was plan­ning on tak­ing a lot of pic­tures but that was before I real­ized how many bugs were fly­ing around the cot­tage. If they weren’t bit­ing me, they were hov­er­ing over my head, just being annoy­ing in gen­er­al, which drove me nuts. So I most­ly just spent the long week­end inside the cot­tage play­ing hours of Plants vs Zom­bies on a Nin­ten­do DS Lite that Troy got me from a garage sale in the mid­dle of nowhere for $25 ear­li­er this spring. I know, very excit­ing indeed. Though I did bake a real­ly awe­some banana pound cake one day. Well, I thought the cake was too sweet but Troy said it was just per­fect and even though I know he was biased because he loves me and all, I’ve decid­ed to believe him. Hence my call­ing the cake awe­some.

Tomor­row is the 6th anniver­sary of the day Troy and I got mar­ried. Time flies! He still loves me and I still love him so life is good! We bought a net­book today though we won’t be pick­ing it up until tomor­row and I like to think of it as an anniver­sary present to our­selves. :) Appar­ent­ly 6th wed­ding anniver­sary is called the Iron and Can­dy anniver­sary. Well, I’m sure there’s some iron in the net­book and it looks like can­dy, at least to me, because I’m a nerd so that’s appro­pri­ate. -Ish. So tomor­row we’ll be pick­ing up our net­book and go for a round of thrift­ing as usu­al. Not sure if we’re going to have an anniver­sary din­ner. I don’t real­ly care either way. Troy’s par­ents are tak­ing us out for an anniver­sary late lunch/early din­ner on Sun­day any­way. We’ll see!

Our trip to New­found­land is com­ing up very, very soon and I’m get­ting, very, very excit­ed! It’s one of the rea­sons we bought the net­book: we need the stor­age for the many pic­tures and videos I’m plan­ning to take and some­thing to access the Web to feed our inter­net addic­tion when­ev­er there’s WiFi dur­ing the trip (like­ly won’t be much). And I may or may not have decid­ed which cam­eras to bring. It’s a prob­lem you have when you own 200 cam­eras. More or less. Prob­a­bly more more than less. I’m going to have to sell some of them and some of my film stash too, and we still have yet to have a yard sale, but that belongs to anoth­er post.

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