Ebony and Ivory

Conestoga Mall Photobooth

Yes­ter­day I went to the dol­lar store for the sec­ond time after sup­per, but this time with Troy in tow. When we were lin­ing up to pay for the stuff we picked up, this scrawny kid (prob­a­bly 7 or 8 years old) with seem­ing­ly over-sized eyes in front of us start­ed mak­ing faces at Troy before ask­ing us ques­tions.

Kid: [eye­ing my wed­ding band] Are you mar­ried?
Me: Yup.
Troy: Yes, we are. [show­ing him his wed­ding band]
Kid: Why is she brown and you are white?
Troy: Because we’re from dif­fer­ent fam­i­lies?
Me: Dif­fer­ent races?
Kid: [star­ing at us dis­ap­prov­ing­ly] Why is she fat and you are thin?
Me: !

Thank­ful­ly, anoth­er cash reg­is­ter opened and the kid switched to the oth­er line. I’d had count­less kids call­ing me fat back in Indone­sia but in Cana­da, this was a first. To be fair, Troy is not exact­ly thin, either. He’s not fat, but he’s not exact­ly thin! Any­way, here’s hop­ing that the kid won’t grow up to be a racist bul­ly.

Don’t you think we look like Hap­py Tree Friends in the pho­to­booth pic­tures? ;) I know, we’re so adork­able! Heh.

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  1. Dave!!! You didn’t even make a com­ment about “Bad Mon­key” being par­tial­ly in our pic­tures :)
    And the kid was inter­est­ing none the less. I don’t think he will be racist. He’s prob­a­bly just use to peo­ple of his own race mar­ry­ing (Fir­da didn’t men­tion that he was appeared to be of South Asian ances­try).
    I thought it was fun­ny. :)

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